Wednesday, March 19, 2014

does anyone read blogs anymore?

Social media has taken over my life. But not all in a bad way. Yes, there are times when I am just procrastinating and wasting my time on social media, but for the most part it is enriching my life.

Facebook: A couple of private Facebook groups developed quite organically and I have found myself part of wonderful intellectual conversations with people I admire. None of that Facebook-drama-ridiculous-let's-prove-who-knows-more-about-a-topic-but-refuse-to-see-the-other-side stuff. Ugh. I can't stand those "conversations." While I would love to not be glued to my phone or computer, I do love that my time is being filled with learning and growing with like-minded people. (And by like-minded I don't mean that we see eye to eye, rather we are open to each others' ideas.) The down side to this is that every-day small talk is becoming incredibly boring to me. Do-able and enjoy-able, but second to such rich conversation.

Instagram: Oh, Instagram. How I love thee. Pictures of my favorite people and glimpses into their every-day lives? Yes, please! The key to Instagram is unfollowing and re-following people on a regular basis. I periodically go through the list of people following me and switch it up. That way I don't have too many pictures coming in all the time. I highly recommend this.

Pinterest: I am very much NOT addicted to Pinterest. Quite the opposite. I unfollow most people on Pinterest. Sorry, guys. I'm not interested in your food pins or your holiday pins or your house decor pins. I'm interested in YOU, but not necessarily the stuff you're interested in. And I expect this in return. I really don't expect you to follow my upholstery board. Why in the world would anyone not interested in upholstery want that to show up in their feed? Unfollow, people. Unfollow. Pinterest isn't much of a "social" media for me. I really follow a small number of boards, many of whose pinners I don't know. For me it's simply an idea board that I check periodically. Besides, most of Pinterest annoys me. Who in the world has time to be all adorable and crafty with every aspect of their lives? I'd rather pull out my hair.

Is social media sucking the life out of you or enriching your life?


Ralph Mickey said...

To answer your question: Yes, I had just asked the almighty Google if anyone was blogging anymore so I can find some to read.

I have started a blog but only seem to blog once a month or so and was looking to see if anyone else was actually blogging. Most of the sites i saw through "next blog" stopped years ago.

Thank you for having something recent.

Nataly Cat said...

I so agree with you on this! I just started my blog and it seems like most people just gave up on blogging altogether now a days since updating a short and quick facebook status is much more easier. :( Oh well,