Friday, December 28, 2012

time to get angry

I was cleaning out the garage on Wednesday and trying to purge stuff that we don't really need. I tend to keep lots of stuff that we "might" need some day, so I kept just moving things around.

In the middle of my project, something came up that made me pretty upset. Sad, angry, frustrated all bundled up together. And do you know what? My purging skills skyrocketed. I suddenly started throwing twice as much in the give-away pile.

It was great!

Quick. Someone make me mad. I'm in a good mood today and my purging skills aren't up to par. Make me mad so I can get rid of all our junk. ;)


Chris said...

Interesting concept. I remember being angry a few times when I needed to complete some cleaning tasks. I got the job done in record time. You're right. It's easier to throw stuff out when angry. Thanks for bringing that to our attention :)

Ashley said...

Sorry you had to get angry, but it really is the best motivator. I sometimes have to imagine that I'm really mad about something in order to get a decent workout.

Ashley C. said...

Yeah, I feel like I need a push sometimes and unfortunately anger will do it.

Carly said...

Now you know why my house is so clean. Lol! I totally go into an organizing/purging/cleaning frenzy when I'm upset.

Amy said...

I never keep anything. Probably spend way too much time being angry. ;)

Molly said...

Mom and Ashley C.--Too bad being angry doesn't make it worth it. Ha.

Ashley--I've never thought about that and working out. I might have to try it.

Carly--Next time you're upset, feel free to come clean my house, too. Then we can vent and I reap all the benefits.

Amy--I thought you were my sister at first. I wish I didn't keep anything! That's my goal in life.