Wednesday, December 19, 2012

i believe we are connected

Still thinking about the families in Connecticut. Not the debate on gun control. Not whether autism can be connected to violence. Just the families. Just the pain. My heart is still heavy.

My heart is heavy for all the injustices, violence, and pain caused around this world. I've been making it a point in my life to be more aware of what people are going through around the world. It's easy to bury our heads. It's easy to look the other way. Not on purpose. Not because we are cold hearted. And often not consciously. But because it doesn't seem that our brains are capable of really processing the pain that people experience. It's easy to feel like our efforts to curb murder, torture, slavery, trafficking, oppression barely make a dent in the world. Reality is heavy. The human experience is heavy. Life is beautiful and filled with so much joy, but also so much pain.

I know why. I know that everyone has agency: the ability to choose whether they will help or hurt others. I know that natural forces in this world are allowed to take their course. I know that the mind is fragile and breaks. I know that sometimes we bring pain upon ourselves, and sometimes our pain is caused by others. I know that we will all die some day. Some young, some old. Some by natural causes, some in tragic circumstances. I know, but that doesn't mean my mind really comprehends.

In the midst of all this, I do believe in comfort. I believe the human race is connected. I believe that I can send comfort to you when you are in pain. And vice versa. I believe people can feel what we send them. This week I sent my comfort to the other side of the country. I don't need it this week. I can comfort myself. 

Try it. Send your comfort to Connecticut. 

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Chris said...

Well written, Molly. I agree with all you said. It would have taken me much time to articulate those feelings. Just trying to respond to your post brings sadness to my mind. Even though I understand that adversity is part of life, and that mortal life is a small part of eternity, and that we will be reunited with loved ones after death, these senseless acts are too hard to comprehend. It is too painful to contemplate.