Thursday, November 29, 2012


This post is dedicated to Christian, since I got to talk to him for a total of about 90 seconds tonight! Work, tutoring, soccer. Such is life.

What's this? I'm blogging the night before I have to teach seminary? I found myself with a bit of free time. You see, I'm now tutoring one of my seminary students, so at the end of our tutoring session, I said, "Hey--What do you want to do for Scripture Mastery tomorrow?" And he said, "Oh, I know of this fun game with toilet paper. I can't remember exactly how to play it, but the other students do." Then I said, "Okay. I'll bring the toilet paper and you guys teach me how to play in the morning." Done and done. That's how I roll.

On to the post.

I took the boys out of the house for 2 full hours today, and neither of them had an accident!
    Spent almost an hour trying to convince the boys to pee so that we could leave the house. No promise or bribe could make them do it. They'll pee when they want to pee. End of story.

    Finally. Pee! I didn't care if it was 20 minutes before their nap time. We were going out, dang it!

    Forced them to put on pants. You would have thought I was forcing them to eat snails. It seems they are spoiled rotten getting to run around buck naked so much.

    It started to sprinkle right as we left. Of course. But I was willing to weather that storm.

    Trucks, tractors, rain, leaf blowers! This was the outside world they had been missing!

    First stop: Kid 2 Kid to look for a travel potty. Didn't have the right one. Thank goodness for that little pink door. It's the only thing that will lure the boys out of that store.

    Second stop: Stan's Donuts. Because everyone deserves a donut while potty training. Graham ate the chocolate off the top, picked the lemon filling out with his index finger,  handed me the leftovers, and asked for more. Note to self: just buy the kid a tub of frosting.

    Liam, on the other hand, took one little bite, handed me the rest, and proceeded to try to climb the building and run around like a mad man. Note to self: don't bother buying sweets for that kid. Give him cheese.

    What do you do when it's 30 minutes past nap time, it's about to rain, and you just fed your kid a donut? Why, you go to the park, of course!

    After 3 years of over-sized cloth diaper bums, it is ridiculously cute to see their tiny bums in pants. Not to mention the crack. As with everything else, Liam takes after me...

    and Graham takes after Christian.

    On the way home I asked Graham if he wanted to pee on a tree and he got super excited. We tried. The pee just wouldn't come. He'll still tell you he peed on the tree, though. Liam tried, too.

    Then we walked home in the rain.

    Both boys peed on the potty when we got home.

    Could not have been a better outing. Love these boys.


    Carbonneau said...

    look at those two adorable best buddies! i love it. and congrats and a dry (aside from the rain) outing!

    Chris said...

    I love all your successes. They didn't walk all that way did they? double stroller, right? You're doing such a good job. Love you guys.

    The Yuan Fam said...

    Yeah!! It's always such an accomplishment when an outing is successful. Whoop, whoop!!

    madichan said...

    Yay! High-fives all around!

    Veronica said...

    Awesome!! I love how well they are doing and the way they eat doughnuts.

    Your work is not done. I guarantee in a couple of weeks or days, anytime really, they will ask for diapers because going on the toilet is “hard work.”

    I have not tried the bare bum method so most of my advice will be once you put clothes back on them. Once the clothes are back on they will learn timing; getting the bathroom, their pants down, and on the toilet before the pee comes. Lots of accidents happen because they wait until the last possible second and they can’t hold it anymore and their external urethral sphincter involuntarily releases because their bladder is so full. Or they ignore the urge and forget. Who wouldn’t forget when you are having a great time watching a movie or playing?

    Nip the accidents in the butt! When they accident, unless it is poop, make them change and clean themselves. Talk briefly about where the pee and poop goes. I would ask, “Where does your (pee/poop) go?” They would answer, “In the toilet.” If they peed or pooped on the carpet then they help clean it up too. As for bed wetting/pooping I recommend a good mattress protector. I would have the girls help strip the bed, do the wash, and make the bed. For the first few weeks I would have the girls go to bed with underwear and wake in a diaper. Then we go straight to the potty to pee and put on new underwear for the day. We always go potty before bed as part of our bedtime routine.

    They will tell you they need to go when they need help with buttons, zippers, pants, and doors.

    I am not against bribes and incentives of candy or TV but I am inconsistent about offering so they don’t expect it every time. We did, however, sing our potty song for a couple of months. That did wonders for helping the girls feel proud of their accomplishment.

    Seems like you got it with outings: potty before you leave, if you can get them to, and ask if they need to go regularly. I would ask, roughly, on the hour for a while. I would keep extra clothes in the car or stroller. The number of outfits depended on how long the outing was. All day I would have 2-3 in the beginning. Short trips or few hours would be 1 outfit. Now I always keep a spare outfit in the car just incase of accidents or spontaneous adventures at the duck pond where they tend to play in the stream.

    Give Graham a little prune juice. It will soften his stool enough to where he won’t be able to hold it. Soft stool takes longer to compact; it is harder to hold soft stool. Usually when children hold in their poop it gets so compacted and hard they can’t get it out, it hurts to come out and can many times make them bleed. With the pain and blood they don’t want to poop even more and the cycle continues. I had kids who would get so compacted they would have to have regular enemas. I would tell those parents it is a lot less traumatizing for everyone with a little prune juice.

    The girls loved it when we took them to the store to pick out their very own underwear. However, it seems you have some.

    I hate pull-ups in general, I don’t believe in them for potty training. They only have two purposes for me because I am a firm believer in going from diaper to underwear. Having a drastic change speeds up the training process. The only use they ever had for us was on long car rides where bathrooms didn’t always come quick enough. The girls wouldn’t go on the side of the road. They wouldn’t ever wear them for the whole trip, just long enough to go if they needed to in an emergency. You won’t have that problem though because boys never seem to have a problem peeing on the side of the road. The other reason is for diarrhea after potty training; Mae had a hard time getting to the potty on time. Until her stool firmed up she wore a diaper (I had diapers on hand so I didn’t have to go to the store to get a disposable helper).

    I highly recommend stopping at Costco to get flushable wipes to help the boys learn how to wipe their bums well.

    Veronica said...

    Oh, I forgot those crack! Better than plumbers!

    Chelle said...

    It's pretty darn thrilling when the kids learn to use the potty. How nice that you guys got to have such a fun outing with no accidents! And you're teaching seminary? How fun! How do you tutor someone in seminary though?