Thursday, November 29, 2012

need potty training advice

Hi everyone! I need your input. I know many of you have been through the potty training thing before (and some of you many times). So I have two main questions for you. Thanks in advance for your input!

First, let me explain the method I'm using. We're doing the bare-bum method. Last Friday the boys helped me gather all our diapers and banish them to the garage. We haven't seen them since. In fact, we've rarely even seen pants since them. The boys have been bare-bummed for a week straight (except for very brief walks in our neighborhood, during which they wear loose pants with nothing under them).

Note: We introduced peeing in the potty and bare bums here and there over a couple weeks. So last Friday was the day we went 100%, but not their first exposure.

Graham has had a 100% success rate. After the second day, Liam's record has been almost as good (Except for yesterday. My poor mom.) Our problems now boil down to night time and leaving the house, which, as I understand, is totally normal. But I'd like to get all your input before I proceed.

1. Night-time accidents: The boys were completely dry the first 2 nights. Liam has been dry most nights since. Graham, however, has not. He has an accident most nights. I actually don't mind stripping the beds and washing the sheets. We've been washing, drying, and folding cloth diapers for 3 years. Washing sheets is nothing in comparison. So ignoring the laundry issues, would you put them in anything at night? The method calls for bare bums 24-7, so I'm wondering if I should just keep going with this or come up with a compromise. Note: I don't want to put them back in diapers at night (or pull ups). Graham used to poop every day, but now he holds his poop for days at a time. I worry that if I put a diaper on him, he'll just wait til he goes to bed to poop. What would you do?

2. Leaving the house: The boys have barely left the house in a week. I'm starting to feel bad for them. I've really let them take charge of the potty training and I don't hound them about using the potty. They run to the potty when they need to go, but they don't tell me when they're going. They just do it. This is great since I can just do my own thing throughout the day, but I've realized that doesn't translate well to leaving the house since they won't think to tell me when they need to go. I imagine the answer to this question is just that I need to venture out more and that they'll figure it out. But any advice and tips are welcome.

Ready, go!


LatuLove said...

Hi Molly!

How are you? So, my father is an early childhood development teacher. His advice is that every child has their own time. Introduce it, but don't force it.

Why don't you introduce underpants? "Big boy underpants"! There are a lot of night time pull ups that resemble under you could probably get away with it!

I know with 'Osi, he was fine urinating in the toilet at around 2.5 years. His BMs on the other hand was a problem. It took him going to preschool and being "peer pressured" to finally have a BM on his own!! With Kesi, it's a different story. He just turned 2 and knows when he has to go "Boo-boo" (although it's usually after the fact). He also wanted to be on the regular toilet, so we bought a child toilet topper for him!

I wish you luck! Just remember that every child is different and learns everything at their own speed and their own way!

Erica said...

For night time, initially we still used diapers at night. But when we were ready to take them away we had a lot of talks about Emily getting out of bed on her own and going potty in the middle of the night if she needed to. We also limit beverages past a certain point of the night and make sure she's gone to the potty before bed.

As for going out.. Emily potty trained in about a week and by the Saturday before church I figured I needed to get her to sit on the big potty so she could go at church if she needed to. After that, every time we'd go in public I'd make sure to ask her if she needed to go potty whenever we were at a place with a public restroom, and sometimes I'd have her go even if she said she didn't need to, just to make sure. I don't believe we ever had an accident in public, and we've never had bed wetting. Of course there were other accidents, but not for those two reasons..

Erica said...

Oh that's the other thing - take them to the store and have them choose their own character underpants (the one time you'll buy the expensive kind - haha!!) Whatever's on front of them, talk about how they don't like getting wet. So if it's Mickey Mouse.. Mickey doesn't like getting wet, he wants to stay dry.. that's why we pee in the potty and let mom know when we need to go.. etc.

Hilary said...

I needed to read this. I've been giving a half-hearted potty training effort for the last 9 months and now that Landon is 3, it's just getting so gross that I've got to just suck it up and be consistent. With us its just a control issue. Keep us posted with your results. Maybe I should go for the bare-bottom method.

Kim said...

I say underwear for outings and just be prepared, and diapers at night for a while.

The Yuan Fam said...

I don't have any experience with boys (yet - gonna have to settle in with two pretty soon), but I will say when venturing out I did make Maya go potty before we left and then once we got to the store(s) I'd point out the bathrooms, ask if she needed to go, if not, we just went along the shopping trip. When visiting family or friends, I'm sure they'll all be VERY understanding.

I had some friends do the bare bum method, but we were living in a pay-for-your-laundry complex at the time we potty trained so I wasn't about to wash a bunch of stuff everyday (couldn't afford it). As far as nights, we used pull ups and once we put her in undies, she'd have to throw them out if she messed them...she picked them out so it seemed like a much bigger deal than if we had just come home with some undies for her.

I think it's awesome that your boys go to the bathroom without having to announce it to you and have you help them. That's amazing.

Good luck!!!!

Dr. aafb said...

We didn't do the bare bum method and Drake got little marshmallows for going potty and was potty trained at 2.5 and it only took a couple of weeks. We did pull ups at night but after a few weeks of dry ones, I finally ditched it and put on undies. I think it is good that they just go on their own, but maybe you need to explain to them that when you are out they need to tell you so you can help them find a potty (I also like Drake to tell me when he goes #2 so I can help with the wiping action). Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Julianne said...

Kids can be pretty good about figuring out it's the real deal when you go places. Try making it an adventure to find the bathroom when you first go in a store or new place. Remind them to tell you if they need to go. My kids turned out to be surprisingly good at holding it.

Holley Williamson said...

Hey Molly! I don't envy you, potty training is huge, especially two at once!

For going out, I liked to show the kids where the potty was, first thing, that way if they have to go, they know where it is, but obviously you would still be with them when they have to go.

Sounds like you are doing a great job! My biggest problem was not being stressed so the kids weren't stressed, but it sounds like you are doing great!

Kathryn said...

I don't have the patience to add to the mounds of laundry so we do pull-ups at night. Braeden has been potty trained since June and he still wakes up soaked in the morning. Once he is dry for a few weeks, then I will switch to underpants. Ambyr was dry at night after two weeks, so each at their own pace. We also always have the kids go potty before we go anywhere, even if they don't think they need to, and when first trained, we usually go once on our outing, to avoid too long between potty trips.

the Rowleys said...

My son potty trained at 2 years and my daughter at 18 months, but I think they were just that personality. I did the potty training in a day method, then I linked the potty reminders to food. Before they got breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as any snack they had to first use the restroom and wash their hands. This made it a routine in our home that we carried outside, so if we were shopping and it was lunch time, first they had to use the restroom and wash their hands, then we got lunch. Everyone also had to use the bathroom before we left the house. It worked for us.

the Rowleys said...

I forgot to say that I did diapers at night. My kids were still in their cribs at night and couldn't get out so I didn't want to mess with night training, but within a few weeks they didn't need a diaper at night anymore.