Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm married to a mustache

Christian came home back in September convinced that he should start preparing for Movember.

 What is Movember, you ask?

Movember is a movement that started in Melbourne, Australia, and now has formal campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Men shave clean on November 1st and spend the month growing a mustache in order to spark conversation about men's health and raise money for cancer research. 
Participants register over at

In order to start off November with a bang, Christian started his growing season at the beginning of October.

And then late at night on October 31st, his big beautiful bushy beard went from this... this!!

Since I refuse to be married to a molestache mustache for an entire month for no reason at all,  
it's all or nothing for Movember!
 So join Christian in raising awareness and money for men's health and cancer research!
Click the button below or on the side bar to go to support:

And Ron Swanson is on board. Of course. Be a man.


Ashley said...

Oh man that is one heinous 'stache!

Kristine Gray said...

Christian looks like quite the the year 1890.

Jenni said...

I hope Christian was a lumberjack for Halloween.

madichan said...

That is some bitchin' facial hair.

Ashley C. said...

It looks good!

Chris said...

Well done Christian! Now you need a hat. Cowboy? Bowler? Can't wait to see it in person next Wed.

Erica said...

Peter's doing this too - his uncle was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. It does not look awesome.. lol! I'm just glad it's for a good cause!!

Veronica said...

Looks awesome! My brother in law is doing it too. He shaped his into the batman symbol.

Em said...

That is quite the mustache! And it is impressive.

Chuche and his brother participated in Movember last year and it was truly disgusting. Their 'staches weren't up to par with your husband's!

Veronica said...

Did you see The Office? They did a tribute to Movember.