Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ah, sick season.

Oh how I despise sick season. Last year our household was sick for 6 weeks straight. One sickness followed immediately by another.

So far this year (in the last 3 weeks):

Liam - stomach bug
Molly - stomach bug
Christian - stomach bug
Graham - cold
Liam - cold
Molly - cold
Christian - cold
Christian - allergic reaction to shellfish (hives for 3 days followed by sleep-inducing medications)
The rest of us - still have this never-ending cold

Can we have a break this week? Pretty pretty please?


Ella said...

Yuck! Good luck!

Julia Wade said...

Geez Miss Molly!!! That makes me so sad! Hope you guys can catch a break!!!!

Chris said...

Uh oh! Hope Christian didn't eat the shell fish for his birthday dinner. Too sad. I didn't even know he was allergic. Get better everyone.

Veeda said...

the colds have crossed states and have invaded my home in Las Vegas. This is us now!