Tuesday, September 11, 2012

and how fast can YOU ride?

About a third of the way through my bike commute this morning, I pulled up to a stop light at the same time as another cyclist.

Usual stoplight conversation: How are you? Cold morning/nice morning. Where are you headed? Sounds like a great ride. Have a nice day. Etc.

I pull up and the guy breaks right into conversation as follows:

Guy: 17.3-mile commute to Palo Alto. Just started 3 days ago.
Me: (Are we comparing distances first thing? Maybe he's just excited.) Oh, that's great! Sounds like a good ride. Where are you coming from?
Guy: Cupertino. (Eyeing my bike bag) I keep all my crap in a file cabinet at work.
Me: Sounds nice.
Guy: I don't have to carry anything.
Me: Uh huh.

Light turns green. Thank goodness. One-way conversations drive me crazy.

Caught up at the next light. Crap.

Guy: I've ridden Foothill probably 3000 times.
Me: Nice.
Guy: (Eyeing my bike) You've got to have good lights. At least 400 lumens. I've got 3 up here. (Shows me his very expensive lights.)
Me: Yeah, when it starts getting dark I'll put mine on. (Note the very bright sun in the sky.)
Guy: I've got 5 in back. See? (Indeed. 5 expensive lights.)

Light turns green. Never been happier.

Needless to say, I rode a bit slower to be sure I didn't make the next light. I was worried if we kept meeting up that way he'd go on to tell me how many calories he was burning, how much he can bench press, how much money he makes, and how many times a week he and his wife have sex... Yikes!

Glad he's commuting by bike, but I hope by next week he has improved his stoplight conversation skills.


LJ, DC and ML said...

Ewwww awkward!

Erica said...

Hahaha!! This post was awesome. What a jerk. Made me laugh though. You should have told him about the two babies you've pushed out of your vajay-jay.

Molly said...

Hahaha! No, he wasn't a jerk in any way. Just very interested in telling me about himself.

Carbonneau said...

I would expect a bike commute to be much less of dealing with the weirdos I know Chris use to listen to (or try to block out)on the bus. I guess they take all modes of transportation. :)

Janelle said...

Too funny!!