Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hey blog stalker!

Hey Heather: If I had known I had blog stalkers, I wouldn't have gone a month without posting! ;) Sheesh. It's a good thing I know now.

Can you guys believe I just went over a month without posting anything on here? That is just unacceptable. Have I turned into one of those bloggers?

So for your viewing pleasure, I present you with my life in pictures. Aproveche.

I've started making smoothies in mason jars, thanks to this post by Cheri.

Found a salamander in the back yard. Graham kissed it.

Enjoyed the back yard. I'm surprised Graham isn't naked in this picture.

Yep. Naked.

Homemade yogurt seems to be best when it's blue and all over your face.
Four different parks in my first couple of weeks of part time. Had to make up for lost time.

Rode the train with the boys.

Meals served in cupcake tins. My husband is a genius.

Farewell party at my old job. This is the view of the back seat on the way home.

Early morning run to the park. Note the pajamas.

Rode Amtrak from Emeryville to Truckee. It was wonderful.

Even my phone couldn't make this view look bad.

Christian's dream job.

Definitely a pro. Just don't put him next to Tyler's kids.

Smallest putter ever.

Love this boy.

Took a Mandarin class. Didn't learn a thing.

Graham suddenly decided he liked his bike (thanks to Grandma Chris!) and immediately decided he's a mountain biker.

Went ollalaberry picking today. So fun.

Don't let the juice fool you. He doesn't believe in eating fruit. Just smashing it.

The lovely Carly helped me chase the boys around.

Could these three be any cuter? Kai Kai is a common name around our house.

The end.


The Mostess said...

HT is totally a blog stalker.

Your adventures look fun. I love me some trains, wood chopping, and summer nudity. We should hang out more!

Amy Carter said...

it's about time!!

Heather Teuscher said...

Hey! Where did my comment go?? I commented yesterday but now I don't see it... Well , basically I said it was so nice to actually meet you in real life and I am so glad I didn't creep you out:) I hope you are liking your new dream job and extra time with your darling, nakey boys this summer. And please still be my friend even though my grammar is atrocious!

Molly said...

Yeah--Where did your comment go? I saw it on here the other day, too! Very strange. And of course I'll be your friend even though your grammar is atrocious (your words, not mine)!

Kerri said...


...sorry, it just seemed to fit with all this "atrocious" talk...

aaaaand she's back...nice to see you again molly :) you are livin' it up! one of these days i'll get back on the bloggin wagon, too, but in the mean time, doesn't it feel nice to slow down here to get going on other things (like catching up with the neighborhood parks!)

Chris said...

Now that we're back from Tahoe I get to read the Blogs again, and enjoy the humor and great pictures. Keep posting because I love it all (and you guys :)

Jenni said...

Jared and I want to someday take a vacation train ride. You know, for like a week or something through the US. Or Canada. Want to join us?