Monday, April 9, 2012

the boys

Liam walks and talks. In fact, he runs. And he climbs. On everything. We have to be careful, because he knows how to pull out a kitchen chair and climb all the way up on the table. He answers yes/no questions with a head nod or an adorable "no." And he knows what he's saying. The other week I said, "Can you say Thank You?," and he nodded his head "yes" and walked away. Touché, kid. He can say "thank you," "all done," "water," and "banana." As well as mama and dada and a few other words here and there. And he can tell you what a dog says. Liam has also started throwing some impressive tantrums. This kid knows what he wants.

Liam tends to live on the edge. This was his preferred play spot on Saturday--perched precariously on the edge of his little table. So I just threw some sweatshirts and a pillow on the floor next to him. He never fell off.

Graham is starting to use more phrases and occasionally graces us with a sentence. His favorite is "Where are you?" He practically sings it. When I pull up to the house, I say, "Let's go inside and see Daddy!" and he says, "Daddy! Where aaare you?" Melts my heart. "C'mon" is also one of his favorite things to say. It's adorable...unless we are busy and can't c'mon even though he says it ten million times while pulling on our clothes. He talks non-stop, and more and more of that talking is becoming intelligible. It's exciting! And, of course, Graham's tantrums are in full force. That's okay. We still like him.

Graham occasionally requests that I get out the yoga mats and put on a yoga video for him.

Everyone told me that the first year of having kids this close in age would be the hardest and that it would get easier after that. I'd beg to differ. The first year wasn't that hard. This stage right now seems much more trying. Two kids who want your constant attention and throw tantrums and hit each other? Nah. The first year was easier. We'll keep them, though.


LJ, DC and ML said...

I totally agree. Tantrum phase is definitely the hardest. I love your cute little boys!

Ashley said...

Liam is incredible saying all those words! Bennett gets by with a ma Ma! MA! MAAA! which increases in intensity til he gets what he wants.

How funny that this year is harder than the baby stage for you--I think that proves that Liam was a very good baby!

And yes, they are both so so adorable!

Ashley C. said...

Ugh, those pictures are so cute they make me sick!! I love them!

MKV said...

Liam is all around SMART and physically advanced! I'm lucky to get more than babbles or "uh oh" from my two. Keilin's walking - not running and not climbing! Dominic is mastering pulling himself up!

Amy Carter said...

can't wait for you to start working less so that you can post more updates like these.

glad your kids are finally no longer angels. makes me feel better.

Eve said...

ummm ditto to Amy Carter. Seriously, its about time they misbehaved!

Molly said...

Lenessa--Yep. It's annoying.

Ashley--Don't worry. Graham and Bennett can still hang out and yell incomprehensible words at us while Liam politely asks for what he needs...

Ashley C--Yep. I love them, too.

Mara--He's the second child. I'm pretty sure that makes him like 6 months more advanced.

Amy and Eve--Glad I could make you guys feel better. Ha!