Friday, March 2, 2012

you love me. just admit it.

Since you were dying to hear from me today...

1. Today is my last day of my full weeks at my current job. Does that make any sense? Even though I start my new job on Monday, I'm continuing here 2 1/2 days a week until a successor is hired so I can train them. People keep asking me "When's your last day?," and I have to say, "I have no idea, but I start my new job on Monday. So kind of today but kind of not?"
Soooo... Happy Last-Day-of-my-Full-Weeks-at-This-Job to me! 

This is where I spent the last 7 years. (Did you know that that's almost 1/4 of my life??)

2. This post by my sister, Ashley, makes me want to buy a house ASAP so that I can get my due mom-and-dad home help before my sisters wear them out completely. (Oh wait. My mom comes to my house once a week and watches my boys -- and does my dishes, even though that's not in the job description. I guess I'm getting my share.)

My dad working hard at Amy's house (via Amy)

3. In the past week, Oh Joy posted this romper and Blog Milk posted this high chair. Stop it, ladies. Stop it. You're making me want to buy those and stuff a baby in them, and we all know that I'm not planning on any of those for a while (babies, that is). 

4. This is my favorite new (to me) blog right now: Kitchen Corners. Which is funny, because I don't cook. So it may or may not have to do with the fact that she lives in Brazil right now. Okay, the real reason I love following her is that her posts are fun to read and she responds. She's a real person, meaning she interacts with people who comment on her blog. I love that. Aren't you more apt to follow a blog if the writer actually cares that you're there? I am.

Speaking of not cooking, we taught Graham to drink baby food with a straw. It's awesome. Liam does it, too. But they're too smart to fall for it with anything non-fruity.

5. And I follow her on Facebook and Instagram. And I feel the need to follow up every comment I leave with, "I swear I'm not a stalker! I just sit at the computer all day long and you happen to write interesting stuff, so I happen to comment. All. Day. Long. I swear I'm not a stalker." Would it be weird if I wrote that after all my comments? Yeah, probably. I'll just stick with looking like a stalker. That's less weird.

Liam is a stuffed animal kind of guy. They make him so happy.

6. I'm feeling this crazy urge to go buy new work clothes for my new job. Which doesn't really make sense, since I'll technically be working less than I am now, which means needing less work clothes.

Speaking of less work, I am looking forward to more of this.

7. What are you doing this weekend? I'm going running. And going to a family housewarming party for Amy and Ivan (see #2 above). And having friends over for dinner. And maybe skipping part of church to go to the Alameda Flea Market? No judging, people. No judging.


Courtney said...

I do love you! I'll admit it. And that pic of the boys sleeping identically in the stroller is priceless, haha.

Eve said...

"And maybe skipping part of church to go to the Alameda Flea Market? No judging, people. No judging."

This is why i love you! If you got a diet coke while you were there I'd love you even more.


Molly said...

Courtney--Isn't it?? They are little twinners!

Eve--Nah. No diet coke for me. One of these days a study is going to come out that aspartame is causing all of the world's troubles, from cancer to annoying people on the road. ;)