Friday, March 23, 2012

word verification ridiculousness

Is "ridiculousness" even a real word? I guess it is, but it seems like it shouldn't be.

Anyway, back to what I was really going to say.

Have I mentioned that I despise word verifications on blogs and Facebook and stuff like that? You know, the words you have to type in to prove you're a human and not a computer sending out automatically generated spam? Well, as automatically-generated-spam-generators (ha, how do you like that?) are getting more sophisticated and capable, word verifications are getting more complicated. I swear I can't figure out what the letters are. Am I the only one?

This one, however, really takes the cake. I may or may not have laughed out loud. This was on my friends Kerri and Cheri's blog (Five Real Moms--I've been meaning to post about their blog for a while).

But really. What does that second word say? I swear it's written in Arabic.

Knowing I had no shot at getting that right, I refreshed the word verification in order to get one I could decipher. And it looked super simple. No dice. I suck at this.

Got it on the third try, though. Word verifications are the bain of my online existence.


Courtney said...

seriously??? I've never seen one that bad, though I am constantly annoyed by them and wish people wouldn't use them.

What, you don't read arabic?? Then you don't deserve to surf the interwebs ;)

Tamra said...

That's awesome!

I HATE word verifications. Often I can't tell if one letter is an m or two n's. Or if that one was supposed to be capitalized.

I also wish people wouldn't use them. I mean, I get it, but ... it'd be worth a little spam to not have to decipher un-decipherable computer garbage words.

Kerri said...

that's so funny.

agREED about the captchas. they're awful. BUT for those running the sites it's good. necessary on blogger -- i don't think so. necessary on public blogs like Five Real Moms. proven to be so. I had NO IDEA how much spam comes through in a day. that captcha -- albeit arabic or not -- prevented thousands of spam this week.

Em said...

Captcha is the worst! I get them wrong every time.

Emma and Dan said...

I hate them too! I get them wrong often. Even when they are easy to read, I just don't like having an extra step to do when I'm commenting.

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