Tuesday, February 7, 2012

my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things right now...

Rolling cart that I found on the sidewalk in San Francisco.
(And, of course, the Design Sponge book in our magazine basket)

Hanging lamp. My mom tried to sell it at a garage sale years ago, but ended up keeping it.
It was just what I needed. I love the gold on the inside of the shade.

Collection of things on top of my piano.
Modge-podged map onto an old canvas. Self portrait of my aunt from when she was in college. 

My grandma's old kitchen canisters (wheat flour, white flour, sugar) and the canister my sister gave me . It houses popcorn kernels. Homemade kettle corn is a staple in my house.

Homemade vanilla extract. Just bought more bourbon, because I'm going to run out soon!

What do you love in your house?


Carrie said...

You're so fun Molly! I love holiday decorations up in the house - with festive candy too of course - so I'm enjoying hearts right now and will pull out the shamrocks soon.

Packet of Seeds said...

Don't let me catch you sneaking a sip of that bourbon! Love your yellow cart...especially since it was free.

Molly said...

Carrie--I have had no energy to put up valentine's decorations (in part because I only have one and would need to make others). Ha!

Karen--Thanks! I love it, too! And no bourbon for me. :)

Ashley C. said...

The yellow thing looks good! I was secretly hoping Christian would refuse to let you have it so I could keep it!

Molly said...

No such luck, Ashley. He will learn to love it. Even if the kids bang on it relentlessly. Metal makes for some great drums.

Em said...

Homemade kettle corn and homemade vanilla?! I am seriously impressed.

Molly said...

Em--The are both ridiculously easy. Considering how much I don't actually cook, you probably shouldn't be impressed. ;)