Sunday, February 12, 2012

kissy kissy

took the picture the other day to send it to Christian. Kissy kissy. Then I looked at it and thought, "Dang. My skin looks good." And it does. I'm not wearing any makeup in that picture. (And, for the record, that's a mole by my nose. Not a zit.) Did you know that in the last, oh, 16 years my skin has only been acne free while I was pregnant? Pregnancy does something to my skin. It makes it beautiful. I don't mind the chipmunk cheeks so much. I just bask in the blemish-free skin.

So what does that mean? Am I pregnant?

Heck no. This is no announcement, people. I'm on sabbatical from baby-making.

A few weeks ago I decided to do an experiment. My skin is normally super oily. They say that oily skin is just super dry skin compensating by producing lots of oil. I don't buy it. If having oily skin means I have dry skin, then what do people with dry skin have? Riddle me that, dermatologists.

Anyway, I started washing my face with baking soda. Baking soda popped into my mind one day out of the blue, so I started using it. And I loved it right away. (You may think it sounds harsh, but sometimes life calls for some tough love.) After a day or two I also started putting Benzoyl Peroxide on my skin after washing it. Within a couple days the skin around my lips got really dry. Then my lips started cracking. Then my cheeks got really dry. And my neck started wrinkling up like a scaly lizard when I'd turn my head. But I forged ahead. You can't just give up mid way through an experiment, right? I used lots of the thick Eucerin lotion and my skin soaked it up like a sponge. And the blemishes on my skin started drying up and disappearing. Then my neck and cheeks started peeling and the skin rubbed off every time I washed it. Fascinating.

And do you know what I was left with? The best skin I've ever had in my non-pregnant adult life.

I'm still using washing it with baking soda but only using the benzoyl peroxide once a day. It's also no longer oily.

In fact, I was running late this morning and didn't shower. In fact, I didn't even wash my face. It's 9pm now and my face is still not oily.

I think I may have found just what my skin needs. No biggie. I'm only 30.


LJ, DC and ML said...

For the record I have never thought you had bad skin, but I want to hear more details. Seriously?? It's a miracle cure? Maybe I need to try it.

Kerri said...

you rock.

and you know what is SOO STRANGE! just yesterday--YESTERDAY--I was getting my hair done and the lady said I had a lot of build up on my hair. She said to get rid of it add some baking soda to my shampoo (in my hand, pre lather). BAKING SODA? REALLY? I said, and she that I was the crazy one...."Yeah," and "it's really good for your scalp. You know how people say to use baking soda for break outs of any kind..." And I still told her that, no, this was all news to me, besides the chicken pox cure...and we left it at that (though she did clarify my hair with the baking soda and it TOTALLY worked! lighter, fuller hair...done.) But THEN I read YOUR blog about the very myth she was convincing me of...and yours was out of the blue!!! HA HA!

Carly said...

That is fascinating! I am jealous that your skin clears up during pregnancy. Mine seems to be doing the opposite these days.

And I do generally have dry skin. I used to use harsh cleaners on it because I would break out, but a woman who gave me a facial and told me that my skin was some of the driest she'd seen suggested that I try using a really good lotion instead of really strong soaps. I switched and really think this has helped. So I don't know if there is something to the oily skin is just overly dry skin trying to compensate thing or not.

Either way, I'm going to try spot treating a few problem areas with your baking soda trick and see what happens.

Veronica Cleverly said...

I am totally going to try that!

Julia Wade said...

ok so i've felt like after q, my skin has been HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! i went to the derm and after he told me to stop touching my face (ahem!) prescribed me benzoyl peroxide product (epiduo) and a heavy cream for my face. i'm almost there, (five weeks in) and my skin is doing the exact same thing! dry, dry, dry and then zits are gone. (still reemerging, but getting there). i think you are totally right on!! i'm hoping my skin will look like yours oh so soon.

Molly said...

Well it's certainly nice to know some of you don't notice my acne. I certainly do!

It's important to remember that I'm washing with baking soda and using benzoyl peroxide (a pretty thick layer of it before bed). So it's not just the baking soda. And the blemishes aren't all gone, but way better than it was! I'm a satisfied customer. :)

Braden and Cheri said...

I don't have an oil problem, but I do have a dryness problem. A few weeks ago, like your baking soda epiphany, olive oil came to mind and I tried it. I thought it would be gross and oily, but it wasn't! And I LOVE it! I used to feel dry half way thru the day but the olive oil keeps me moisturized ALL day and even helps my lips. I've heard about people using it on cracked heels and elbows, but I haven't tried that yet. As for my face, it works great.