Friday, February 10, 2012

hills make running more pleasant

It's true: hills make running more pleasant. Flat is boring. 
Do you know what else makes running more pleasant? Cows.

Running up the back side of the dish trail.

My running buddies.


Carbonneau said...

more pleasant...hmmmm....not sure that is the way I would word it! ;)

Molly said...

Kati--I had been running the Campus Drive loop here at Stanford, but one day decided to head up on a longer run around the dish. The 6-mile hilly run was way easier than the 3.7-mile mostly flat loop merely because it was more interesting! So for me it was more pleasant. :)

Packet of Seeds said...

My sister and I love hiking (I am not a runner..) the back end of the dish trail...especially love the cows.

Molly said...

Karen--Isn't the back of the dish the best??