Saturday, February 4, 2012

a day in the life

Inspired by Damaris over at Kitchen Corners, here is a day in our life...

4:30am - I hear the boys' door open and shut. Graham makes his way over to my side of the bed (always my side) and I lift him up between us. He snuggles in and we go back to sleep. Except Christian. He never woke up in the first place.

5:00am - Graham cries, wimpers, or kicks one of us in the face. Usually Christian. It just works that way. I think it's only fair since Christian doesn't wake up to the boys making noise at night. It takes a swift kick to the face. We go back to sleep.

5:15am - My phone alarm goes off. I fumble around to push snooze before it wakes up Graham. I don't want to get up and do yoga. I go back to sleep.

5:24am - My alarm goes off again. Last week I would have gotten up. This week I'm too lazy. I turn the alarm off.

6:37am - Graham wimpers, starts to stir, sits up, and crawls over me and off the bed to go play in the living room. I go back to sleep.

6:42am - Graham comes back to my side of the bed carrying two trains and says, "Food?" I get up. And I make Christian get up. Since we're already running super late. Liam starts calling to us from his crib so we go get him. He is all smiles. Always.

6:45am - Christian makes the boys breakfast while I shower. Graham doesn't want to eat. Liam eats everything in sight.

7:15am - I'm dressed and ready to help. We tag team getting the boys dressed, finishing packing their diaper bag, scrounging up food to send in their lunches, and get our own lunches together. Liam wants to be held. Graham wants to be held. We tell them we can't hold them but we do anyway. It slows us down.

7:40am - We herd the boys out the door and into the car where we have a quick family prayer and Christian runs back in the house to get himself ready. I run back in the house to grab pacifiers. Then back in to find my phone. Then I text Rocio to tell her we're on our way.

7:50am - We drive in almost complete silence. I zone out. The boys look out the window. Sometimes I feel like a bad mom for not taking advantage of the time to interact or teach them something. Then I remember that we're all perfectly content riding along in silence, so I don't stress about it. Everybody needs quiet time.

8:05am - I pull up to Rocio's, pluck the pacifiers out of the boys' mouths, and drop them off with a quick kiss. They are super happy to be there. I plug my phone in and listen to talks by our church leaders for the rest of my drive. Sometimes they make me emotional. Sometimes they are so boring that I zone out.

8:45am - I park at Stanford, put on mascara in the car, and head in to work.

12:00pm - I tell myself I should go running. Last week I would have gone. This week I'm lazy.

2:00pm - I tell myself I should go running. That 6-miler last week felt great. But this week I'm lazy.

5:00pm - I'm out. I head to my car, plug in my phone, and head back out to get the boys.

5:45pm - Rocio opens the door and two tiny balls of energy come barreling out so excited to see me. This has got to be the best part of my day. Hugs and kisses and Graham saying "bye" to everyone before I even have a chance to say "hi." They blow Rocio kisses as we drive away. Liam knows how to blow kisses now. It's the cutest thing ever.

6:15pm - Home sweet home. The boys are hungry. I have no dinner plan. Grilled cheese sandwiches it is. I send a text to Christian to tell him I love him. He's at job #2 and won't be home until after 10. The boys are happy, grumpy, happy, grumpy. It's the witching hour. Graham takes a bite of his sandwich and runs around the kitchen. Comes back for another bite and runs around the living room. Liam shoves so much food in his mouth I'm worried he's going to choke on it. But he just smiles with that big full mouth and tries to drink from his sippy cup (as if he didn't already have enough in his mouth).

7:00pm - Liam is dressed for bed and I carry him to his room. He puts his head on my left shoulder and wraps his left arm tightly around my neck. He does this every time we head to his room to go to bed. It makes me melt. I say a quick prayer, lay him down, and walk out.

8:00pm - I convince myself to stop messing around on the internet and read books with Graham. Then I change his third poopy diaper of the night. What is going on?

8:15pm - I take Graham down the hall to bed. He waves goodnight to the TV, to our wedding picture, to his picture, to the wall on one side of the hallway, then to the other wall, to his reflection in the mirror, and to the bathroom. Then we say "shhhh. Liam is sleeping." and go in his room. We say a prayer and tuck him in. He complains. I leave.

8:20pm - Graham comes out and creeps down the hallway as if I didn't hear him come out. He laughs when he makes it to the living room, and I take him back in and close the door. He stays and goes to sleep. It's a miracle.

8:25pm - I check blogs. I know I shouldn't. I write 5 short blog posts and schedule them to publish over the next week. I'm quite impressed with myself. I keep thinking I should clean up instead, but my blog has been neglected lately.

9:53pm - I'm still online. This is dumb. So much for being productive. Then I realize I've just documented a day in my life and that makes me happy. It was worth it. I plan to sign off just in time to run around and tidy up so that Christian will think I was productive. Can't wait for him to get home. That's the other best part of my day. He gets home early and I'm still online. Oops. It's okay. He doesn't care.


Dana said...

I love reading about your daily routine. Your boys are so cute!

Molly said...

Thanks, Dana! I hear you're out of the rat race for a while. Lucky!

Em said...

Very cute.

Why, why, why can't they make an alarm clock that snoozes for a full ten minutes?