Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Goals

Here are my goals for 2012:

  1. Beat my brother in this competition. Actually, Tyler isn't even part of the competition. (Lucky for everyone involved, too. Tyler doesn't lose competitions. Case in point: He took laxatives to win the weight loss competition at his work, and he was probably the only one in the competition who didn't even need to lose weight.) I entered the original competition knowing full well that I couldn't win. Points for hours of exercise? I can't spend 3 hours at the gym. I can't even fit one full hour of exercise into my day. And there are girls in the competition who are breastfeeding and shedding baby weight like there's no tomorrow. I can't compete with that. So I'm in it solely for the trash talking and motivation to work out. But Tyler and I have a competition going on the side, and it's a fixed number of pounds. First one there wins. I've considered lying to him about my weight loss along the way and then one day BAM--I WIN! Alas, I am incapable of lying.
  2. Post more pictures of myself on my blog. How's that for narcissistic? (Man, that word is so fun to say.) Actually, I've noticed that I love reading the blogs of my friends who post pictures of themselves often. I keep in touch with many people via blogs. If I can't see them in person, it's at least nice to see their face when I'm reading their words.
  3. Run a race. And make it a good one. It seems practically no one wants to run The Relay with us. Everyone seems to be on "Team Ragnar." Well this girl is on "Team Relay." It's war. If you could have wine country AND the Golden Gate Bridge AND the Santa Cruz Mountains AND a finish on the beach, why would you settle for only the first two? I mean, who would pick a pastey vampire over a hunky werewolf? (Back up races: RunSFM, a Pacific Coast Trail Run, or a triathlon.)
  4. Send letters in the mail. This is actually already on my weekly to-do list (slated for Sundays) but it never gets to-done. Don't you love getting real letters and cards in the mail? It brightens my day.
  5. Be happy with whatever happens. That's my big goal this year. Be happy no matter what. Because, you know, being happy is a choice. Go read this month's message from the leaders of our church (even if you are not part of our church):  http://lds.org/liahona/2012/01/living-the-abundant-life?lang=eng . Really. Go read it now. "We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails... may we a choose positive attitude."
How's that for a hearty list of goals? I think I can accomplish them. (Well, except maybe #1. That guy is serious competition.)

What are your goals for 2012?


Ashley said...

I like your goals! It's true, I like seeing my friends' kids on their blogs but I'd prefer to see my friends!

You are definately giving Tyler a run for his money. The funny thing is neither of you has much weight to spare--but to Tyler's credit he is working out hard and trying to cut back on food (vs. the laxative route. . . . ) Actually it's a bummer for me when he diets like this because I can't make fatty dinners and lots of treats.

Ashley said...

Actually I did make a batch of snickernoodles on Sunday and (out of respect for him) I ate the whole batch on Monday. He came home asking for one and I told him lucky for him they were gone!

Molly said...

Oh yeah. That's what I meant to mention. While I love my friends' kids, I'm friends with my friends. I'd rather see them. ;)

Christian asked me to make him cookies last night so he could have some when he got home (he had to work both jobs yesterday and got home at 10pm). I accidentally overcooked them. Bad for him, good for my competition. You are a good woman for eating all those cookies for him. I'm sure that was quite the sacrifice.

Carrie said...

We want to do a half marathon this summer - maybe we can do one together? Let's at least train (once I can start running again of course...)!

JoJo said...

1. I love to say narcissistic. I also use the word a lot when referring to my blog...

2. I totally would have chosen the hunky werewolf over the pasty vampire.

3. I should fly down to Cali and run the relay with you. You had me at "beach"... No beaches 'round these parts.

Molly said...

Carrie--I'll bet you are just itching to get out running again! I had the hardest time waiting after both my boys. Let's definitely train together. But for now, you just heal!

Jo--Yes! That would be so fun! If we can get more people together, I will let you know. Would you really come do it? Even if it doesn't work out, we should definitely do a race together one of these days.

Mommy in Manhattan said...

you are such a devoted runner. Ever since I met you. When I think of you I think, Molly, the runner. I wish my knee didn't hurt so bad when I run. owell.

I'm with you too. I like seeing my friends faces on the blogs too. :)

Tyler said...

I love blog posts that are about me. I find them fascinating. Speaking of narcissism, you should post a picture of me when I kick your trash in our weight loss competition!

Smell you later.

The Mostess said...

Yes to more pics of you! I have always been good about this on my own blog. Maybe that makes me a narcissist?

Molly said...

Jenna: I just like to make people think I'm a great runner. In reality I procrastinate going on runs and I'm pretty slow. But I like to pretend that I run all the time and that I run fast. :)

Tyler: You should definitely go to Disneyland more often.

Kaari: Yes. And it's a good thing.