Thursday, December 22, 2011


Liam is weaned off formula and the bottle.
Graham and Liam are off pacifiers (except car and sleeping).
The kitchen is reorganized.
My clothes have been sorted and purged.
I made an impromptu trip to the city yesterday with the boys.
The house is still a mess.
I have yet to actually make dinner this week.

Okay, okay. Being home on winter break hasn't turned me into Supermom, but at least I get to put all the baby bottle stuff in storage! Oh man. I'm excited about that.

Time off is AWESOME!


Ashley said...

I was just thinking today how Bennett is 16 months and I have totally forgotten to wean him from the bottle. Probably time to do the paci too. Rats!!! I'm glad you haven't been cooking--I already don't know how you got so much done.

MKV said...

How did you wean from bottle??? I think Keilin will be easy, but Dominic hates his sippy cups...

How do you do naps? I'm fighting with mine to do 2 naps/day or one long nap even (we're lucky to get 2 hrs). Sigh...

You are supermom - I didn't accomplish anything over the break!

Molly said...

We didn't wean Graham from the bottle until he was about 16 months. I was on a mission over the break to make my life easier. Washing those blasted bottles (or trying to find a clean one in the middle of the night) had to go. :) It helped that Liam was a champ at figuring out the sippy cups right away. Graham had so much trouble using them, which was part of the reason we didn't switch him sooner.

(Mara--I just took it away one day and never showed it to him again. It actually works. And he wasn't a fan of milk or coconut milk, but he loved water. So he just drinks water from his sippy cup. Juice sometimes.)

I always put my kids down for their first nap 1 1/2 to 2 hours after they wake up in the morning. Then they always wanted an afternoon nap, too. I keep this going as long as humanly possible. :) This got a lot harder to do once I started taking them to daycare, but we keep it up on the weekends. My kids are good sleepers. I'm not sure how much it has to do with me. PS--I got so much done over the break thanks to the long naps and this amazing thing called the TV... I know. I'm an awesome mom. :)