Wednesday, November 9, 2011

notes to my mom: part 1 of 1

I'm lucky enough to have my mom come babysit my boys once a week. They are so excited when she arrives in the morning (and so am I). However, I never seem to get to work on time those mornings. Christian says I get my chatting skills from my mom... But getting to work late is sooo worth it.

My mom has been reading Unstuff Your Life and seems to be on a de-cluttering rampage. (If she didn't already watch my boys and do my dishes for free--and if I were actually at home for any given period of time--I'd ask her to help me de-clutter my house.)

In all her decluttering, she found some old notes from me to her.

No idea why the photo is sideways
The first was written when I was 12. It is undoubtedly the result of a Young Women's activity (Young Women is the girls' youth organization in my church). What gave it away? Flowery stationary, churchy stickers, and a list of reasons I admire my mom...written in January (nowhere near her birthday or mother's day). I love my mom, but I wasn't one to write notes like this other than on special occasions or when prompted by church activities. Even so, the words are sincere.

Let's look at what I admired about my mom:
  1. I admire the way you seem to always know where things are, when I think that I have already looked everywhere. I still lose everything. Just ask Christian. I never know where my keys/phone/running shoes are.
  2. I also admire the way you keep your room so nice, neat, and tidy. It's never dirty. My room is never nice, neat, and tidy.
  3. And you can do the dishes so fast. I am slow. Slow, slow, slow. It still takes me forever to clean or do the dishes or do just about anything. How do people do things quickly?
  4. Also, you do a wonderful job of putting on your make-up. I[t] is such a good job that you can't tell that you really have any make-up on. This is a skill, people. My mom always looks nice, but in a natural way. She doesn't look "done up." I, on the other hand, am too lazy to put on make-up half the time. On those days, I just pretend I look good and avoid mirrors...
  5. P.S. I love the way you cook. P.S. I don't like to cook.
I went on to write, "I hope that in the next week's time you can help me to improve these qualities in myself."  (Note the correct usage of "myself." I can guarantee that 12-year-old me knew how to use "myself" correctly.)  Is it funny or sad that 17 years later I haven't figured out how to do these things? I obviously still need my mom to help me do my dishes and keep my room clean...

What would I add to the list now? 
  1. How outgoing she is.
  2. Her confidence.
  3. How willing she is to help all her children with just about anything.
  4. Her gardening skills.
  5. Her decorating style.
  6. Her furniture refinishing skills.
  7. Her affinity for reading good books.
  8. That she's not afraid to go to the movies alone (and does so quite often).
  9. That she always has something interesting to talk about.
  10. That she exercises regularly and has healthy eating habits.
  11. That she remembers everything that's going on in our lives even when I can't even keep track of it myself.
  12. I could go on...
Stay tuned for part 2 to see the list the qualities my 19-year-old self wanted in a future husband...


Meredith said...

I love your mom too! I would add that she's a great traveler (we had a blast with your parents in Europe)!

Loved this post!

Ashley said...

This is sweet. Your mom is a fabulous and fabulously talented woman--she knows how to do so much and it's all the stuff the rest of wish we could do but we don't put in the effort. The thing that impresses me the most about her is how hard of a worker and what a willing worker she is (I include in this babysitting!). And of course how she raised you guys--I owe so much of the happiness in my life to her raising such a good son.

Chris said...

I must be a day behind in checking the posts. Thanks Molly. You, Ashley, and Meredith are too kind.I think I'll try harder to live up to all those lofty expectations. Keep it up. I love it;)

Amy Carter said...

she is pretty great!

ps, ivan says i inherited that 'skill' as well

Molly said...

Mer--I think you've traveled with my parents more than I have!

Ashley--Isn't she?? She really is such a hard worker, and I do think they somehow did a good job of raising us.

Mom--They are expectations. They are reflections of reality. You're already living them. :)

Amy--Yes, she is! And Ivan's probably right...