Monday, November 21, 2011

nature, nurture, and soul

"We all reach a point where we take nature and nurture and soul and decide who we really are and what we want to continue to be or what we want to change."
-My friend, Shannon Booher

Shannon wrote this in her blog today. She is writing about her brother, who happens to be adopted. This is perhaps the most powerful sentence I've heard all week. I love it.

Happy Adoption Awareness Month, everyone!


Chris said...

Neat story Molly. Thanks for sharing. I read Shannon's entire post.

Shannon said...

molly. thanks for sharing this with your readers. thanks for being so fabulous. thanks for being on my side of the kimchee debate :).

Carbonneau said...

Is it really adoption awareness month?? I have never been so aware of adoption as I have this month. A friend adopted a new born last week and another friend is in Ethiopia and adopted 2 children this week and is staying with them there trying to get the paperwork to bring them home now. Both instances have been tear jerking to read about and follow. What amazing stories out there!!

Julia Wade said...

I just tweeted that. I had to. It was too amazing.