Monday, November 7, 2011

how do you de-stress?

Here's a good question for all of us: How exactly do you de-stress?

Do you exercise?
Sit around and watch TV? Movies?
Read blogs?
Drink hot chocolate? Tea?
Go shopping?
Make lists?
Talk it out?
Simplify your life?
Create with your hands?

And does it work? Or do you feel like you're trying to de-stress and it's not really working?

When you already have a million things to do during the day, how do you find time for "stress relieving" activities?

These are my de-stressers (in no particular order, except for the first one):

  • getting enough sleep
  • crafting
  • running with friends (running alone only if it's on a beautiful trail)
  • long bike rides in beautiful places (alone or with a friend)
  • shopping with Christian (shopping alone bores me)
  • listening to music (hymns, Christmas, brit pop--for some reason brit pop falls in that same destressing category)
  • turning the TV off
  • being outside
  • laughing with friends
Your turn. What de-stressors are most effective for you?


LJ, DC and ML said...

Ages ago I discovered that doing something creative really worked as a de-stressor for me. Naturally about the time I figured that out I also ran out of time for crafting of any sort. :)
Trying hard to get back on that bandwagon. That one and the working out bandwagon. They are so elusive.

Tyler said...

Love your list--it shows how social you are. (shopping with people? Kill me now!) Your number one is very wise--totally agree. Also making exercise a priority and getting the house clean. Beyond those I'd just prefer to plow through the tasks at end--can't relax during a pedicure if I know there are other things I should be doing.

Tyler said...

That's Ashley.

Tamra said...

Reading is a big one for me. Playing soccer. Signing. Luckily signing is de-stressing for me, cause I'm doing a lot of that lately.

But here's an observation about de-stressing and what works and doesn't. Last weekend Rob and I had an 18 hour date. It was great to spend so much time together, he and I. But we ran around like crazy people, doing a bunch of activities. Wedding to attend, etc. And it wasn't de-stressing at all. So it turns out a date with my spouse is only de-stressing if it actually feels restful. (Picnic in the park. Did that this last Saturday. It was great.)

Kerri said...


too stressed to tell you what relaxes me. so i'll add that to my to-do list and get back to you.

boy does it feel good to cross things off. with markers. different colored markers. and doodling around the edges to make this monstrous thing look pretty. with dots on the tips of the letters. and squiggles., isn't that nice?

Shannon said...

silence. It's the most calming thing for me. Maybe more like quiet time: no music, no t.v., no background noise whatsoever (except for maybe the fridge running, and the ticking of the clock). Probably because I don't get enough quiet time...that's why I revel in it when it comes around.
I also love yoga...but haven't done it in ages. The meditating at the end of yoga is pretty rockin', too.

Hey, I like to shop with Ryan, too. I totally agree with you about going shopping alone. It's like going to the movies by yourself: you can, but WHY would you? You've got to share the experience with someone you love :).

Molly said...

Lenessa--That's the thing--the de-stressing activities that work best for me require time. How exactly are we supposed to make that work?

Ashley (not Tyler)--I don't like shopping with people. Just Christian. For some reason it brings out the fun in us. We can be silly and carefree. But shopping with other people in general doesn't appeal to me. Inevitably we will have different tastes and give obligatory, "Oh cute!" comments that we don't really mean. And I have trouble doing relaxing things when there's a to-do list to be to-done. Poor Christian. He likes to de-stress by watching TV. Having the TV on when I'm stressed heightens my stress. It's a bad situation.

Tamra--I rarely read. I'd like to, but I have trouble reading if there are other things that need to be done. And I agree on having relaxing dates instead of non-stop days even if we are together.

Kerri--I'm with you on crossing off lists. I love that sense of accomplishment. But I'm all about lists written in crisp, thin black ink with thin lines through them. Markers and dots and squiggles are like clutter on my list. I often re-write lists to make them cleaner and crisper. Funny!

Shannon--Silence is ABSOLUTELY on my list. Maybe that's what I meant by "turn off the TV." 90% of the time that I spend at home alone is in silence. No TV, no music, and probably not enough talking to my kids. ;) I like the calm and quiet. It's serene. Peaceful.

Hilary said...

I kind of do all of those things you listed depending on the degree of stress I'm feeling. ;) I like your list. I think TV stresses me out. I always have to turn it off at least an hour before bed or I can't sleep, which means I'm not getting as much time is as I'd like. lol Rod and I watched this really cool National Geographic documentary on stress the other day on Netflix--you should check it out. It was interesting.

Molly said...

Hilary--I will check it out! Perhaps I'll have Christian watch it with me since he likes watching TV and I'll find it productive. Ha!

Amy Carter said...

ha, i was reading 'tyler's' comment, and thinking, 'wow, he's giving a real response... with no jokes.' then i was shocked that one of his priorities was getting the house cleaned. then i read the pedicure comment, and thought that was the joke part. makes so much more sense now that i know it was ashley who wrote it! so funny.