Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas gift for the man

I made these for Christian a few years back. He loves them. I love them. And he gets compliments on them every time he wears them. I liked them but didn't realize other people would, too!

So this year I'm making some for you! Nuts and Bolts Cufflinks: $10/pair

Sure, you could make them yourself, but be realistic. Will you ever get to it? With all the Christmas shopping you need to do? Making 6 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange? Decorating your house? Attending fifty billion holiday parties?

You don't have time.

Just buy them. I'll even ship them to you for free*.

Let me know if you want some. They make the perfect stocking stuffer.

*Regular USPS mail. If you want them faster, you can cover the extra shipping, which probably wouldn't be much since they are light weight.


The Mostess said...

6 dozen cookies doesn't sounds time consuming to me.

Erica said...

Um, I'm so in. Can I get 4 sets? I'm not kidding. This are hilarious and perfect and my husband will love them. My fil too. And my bil. And even (sorta) my dad. I. Am. So. In.

Julia Wade said...

those are so cool!!!!!!!

Molly said...

Kaari--You know that was for you. ;)

Erica--Absolutely! I'll email you.


Shayla Taylor said...

Molly - Email me. I would like a set. :)