Sunday, October 16, 2011

your goals

I'm calling you out, ladies.
How are your goals going? And those of you who didn't mention any goals a couple of months back, do you have any?

Julia: Finish photo-ing in November and ENJOY the holidays. Then throw a KICK-A birthday party for Quin. I know you've simplified your Fall schedule (I envy you), so now want to hear about your plans for this party...

Erica: Incorporating physical activity into your days and healthier eating options! Such good goals for all of us. What has been your favorite form of exercise so far?

Tamra: Doing well in school. No more 90% on assignments, right? You can do better than that. And training for the 15-miler?

Emma: 1 extra thing each day to make your life more pleasant. Crafts? Organizing? I want to hear what you've done!

Mara: Halloween costumes. Did you find any? And get on that scrapbook!

Holley: Getting out of debt so you can buy a mini van! How's that super fun process going? ;) Send me your tips for being frugal. I need all the help I can get right now.

Jenni: Having the cutest baby ever. Done and done!

As for me, I have been terrible at drinking water. Got to get back on that. The art is finally up on my bedroom walls! I stretched, stretched, stretched, and ran the Lake Tahoe Half Marathon. (Post on that coming as soon as I find my blasted camera cable.) Halloween decorations are up! (All 5 of them. I know. I need to build my collection.) Went to a pumpkin patch! (Pics coming soon... hopefully.) Still working on reeeeally loving my job. And my "being super fit by New Years" was going well, but seems to be in reverse now. Funny how that happens when you stop exercising and start eating cookies/cinnamon rolls/cake/fruit snacks. Weird, right? I know--I thought so, too. ;)

Also, what is your opinion on calling people out on a blog? No wait. Don't tell me. I don't want to know if you disapprove. Keep it to yourself.

How are your goals going?


Ian, Jessica, Halle, Camdyn, and Quinn! said...

:) Thats why we have personal trainers right, to keep us accountable! You're like the personal trainer of positive goals and better yet, you're free! I see nothing wrong with that! :)

Anonymous said...

Molly Aufdermauer, I think you are probably one of the most positive and encouraging people I know. Seriously. You're awesome.

My current goal: be a better housekeeper, specifically do at least one cleaning activity every day.

Julia Wade said...

Loved that you called me out. Things are going well over here. :) Photo-ing is going beautifully and Quinny's party is in the works! Worked on a guest list this weekend and ordered a canvas from my canvas company where people can put their fingerprints on it (as snow) and sign their names. Super excited! On to invitations, and food. :)

Erica said...

Thanks for the reminder!! I've been doing well.. had a couple of hiccups with the healthy eating - going out of town was one of them! Haha. But, I'm getting back on track and have been adding some long walks with the kids now that the weather is getting better. My plan this week is to go for a walk every day of the week no matter what. We shall see!

Tamra said...

These were goals that we volunteered, so calling us out is like offering support. I approve!

The 15-miler is probably a no-go for one simple reason: I don't like to be cold. I'm thinking that next year, as soon as it's warm, we'll start training for running a half or full marathon in October. I like the running. I just don't like being cold.

And classes are all going well. It's stressful and I hate that part, but I'm pushing through it and acing tests. It feels really good to do that.

MKV said...

Hey! I got the costumes, but now I need your sewing expertise! I need to cut the "dress" for Dominic and make it pants. Think a slit up the middle and velcro will do it? Scrapbooks...well that might be a winterbreak thing!

Molly said...

Jessica: I like the sound of that. I've always wanted to be a personal trainer! ;)

Miss Jules Q: You just made my day! Did I show you my handy dandy refrigerator frames for designating chores to each day? It is the best thing in the world (until your life gets so busy that you forget it's even there...but it worked for a while!)

Julia: Fingerprints as snow? I can't wait to see this! It sounds adorable!!

Erica: I had a 3-week (and 3-pound) hiccup... Back on track starting today. Thanks for the motivation. Go walk!

Tamra: I hate being cold, too. Although I hate being too hot as well. Ha! Let me know what race you end up training for. Should be fun!

Mara: You got the costumes! That's awesome. I think slits and velcro sound like the easiest option, too. You should bring them in this week so I can see them. (The costumes, that is.)

Emma and Dan said...

My goal has been modified. I wish that I had kept up with it as originally written. I now try to do one big THING a day. It might be organizational, or it might be an extra chore, but usually it means that I do something memorable/really fun with the kids. There is something about not living in your own house (we're with my parents right now) that makes you want to be out and about.

I definitely need to include crafts because they make me SO happy, so thank you for the reminder and for calling me out!