Tuesday, October 18, 2011

spooktacular spectacular

Have you heard about the Spooktacular Spectacular going on over at Ashley's blog? I hear the competition is getting fierce.

Well let me tell you what. There's a new girl in town. And she just whipped up her own entry in the Spooktacular Spectacular.

Oh my. Are those wooden crates? Yes, yes they are. And I already owned them.

A vintage suitcase on top of the wooden crates? Stop it. Seriously. Stop it.

Real, live spiders and cob webs on the vintage suitcase. I can see the competition trembling.

Heck, there was even a real, live spider running around on the wall behind my award-winning display. Spooktacular? Indeed.

Real, live pumpkins. Nothing fake here, ladies.

Real candles. With real flames.

The cutest Halloween figurines in the world. You only dream of having them in your display.

And what's that?

Oh my. A pièce de résistance?

Why, yes, ladies. That's a rooster dressed in a mask and cape. Chelsea's rooster.

Can I get a what what?

{Now I need to bring my decorations back inside. What? I don't have enough for inside and outside. What do you think I am? A girl who has an entire shed full of Halloween decorations? Sheesh.}


Ashley said...

OH my gosh, this is adorable! Kaari and Chelsea are so lucky you are entering so late! This is truly darling, each piece and as a whole. The caped rooster is indeed your PDR. You must leave it all there! It's too perfect!

Ashley said...

Also I think I need that vintage suitcase for my Bountiful Harvest display.

The Mostess said...

That is SO VERY CUTE! Way better than Ashley's. Her doormat sucked, but I think someone may have mentioned that already.

The suitcase was a good addition--I never would have thought of that. I love it--it works.

The rooster is totally your PDR. Why did Chelsea give it to you? She is regretting it now!

Kristine Gray said...

Dang girl! You can whip up one mean display. That suitcase & the rooster might be your PDR. I don't even think I have a PDR.

Em said...

I love this display. It is totally a favorite and I'm glad it was included in the running. I love the suitcase and the real candles on the platter and the real pumpkins. Nice work!

Hayley said...

ms. molly, your figurines are seriously the cutuest pieces in all the showdown. well done.

LJ, DC and ML said...

Hello, so cute! I love the whole thing and am seriously impressed. Leave them out unless its going to rain. Then take them back in. :) And Hayley's right. Those witches deserve a prize of their own. Umm, why were your cute Halloweeny pillows not included though. I love them.

The Gilberts said...

Hahahaha -- I love it all. I have a weekness for those white pumpkins are those adorable figurines. I believe you those spiders are real -- my spiders -- j/k. So glad that rooster is beloved by a new family-- he never looked better and I love it-- a fabulous PDR, no doubt! You definitely gave me a double take :) This is all awesome and your whole blog entry is fun to the last period. Style!

Chris said...

So fun that you decided to enter. Did I have something to do with that tiny witch figurine?? And, having just seen the display this morning (before Graham dismantled it) I can vouch that it's just as cute in person. I love this whole Spooktacular that Ashley and Kaari came up with. The dialogue is hilarious. It's taking the place of my usual novel.

Molly said...

Thanks, guys! I did it as a joke, but it ended up being so cute that I've left it all out there. I may need to go buy more decorations for on top of my piano now. It's looking a little naked.

Mom--Yep! You gave me the witch. Inspired us to buy the little pirate last year to add to our collection. That reminds me--I need to get another one this year!

Chris said...

Definitely. You need another one for this year. It can be part of your birthday present. Do you know who carries them? All the Halloween shop decor surely will quickly be replaced by Christmas.