Thursday, October 13, 2011

my birthday day


I worked my butt off this week and finished everything pressing at work. And Thursday isn't even over yet. Booyah. So, I will have my day.

Tomorrow I plan to
  1. go to the DMV and renew my license. Doesn't that sound fun? (Barf.)
  2. not clean my house, because I plan to clean up tonight.
  3. not look at work email.
  4. drop the kids off with Christian while I go to my lunchtime Vaganova Ballet class at Stanford.
  5. maybe get a little tour of Tesla since it's Christian's last day there. (PS--He will be starting a new job next week! More on that later.)
  6. bake more bread.
  7. eat said bread fresh out of the oven.
  8. play with the boys all afternoon.
  9. hang out with my sisters in the evening.
That sounds like a lovely birthday to me. I'm turning 30 and I think that sounds GREAT. I enjoyed my 20's immensely, and plan to enjoy my 30's just as much.

Do you love your birthday? Or do you moan and groan about turning a year older?


Hilary said...

Happy birthday Molly! I was actually kind of excited to turn 30. It's a bit of a relief...for some reason I don't feel like I need to try as hard to look's like "hey...she looks good for 30...rather than, "oh...she's 29" it's kind of expected. Not that I shouldn't try...but i'm just not putting the same kind of pressure on myself....Kind of shallow, I know.
Enjoy some warm bread for me :)

mj said...

i love my birthday! and i love your birthday! i just love birthdays and i'm so glad you celebrate yours. :) happy happy day to you.

Julianne said...

Happy Birthday! I think you should have all thirty candles on your cake.

Chris said...

Happy birthday Molly! I'm so glad you decided to take the day off. You work hard and deserve time with kids/family/friends. The weather is supposed to be perfect today - just for you! We love you. mom and dad

Holley Williamson said...

Happy Birthday Molly! That's great that you are taking the day off. 30 is great! I finally feel old enough to drive a mini van--which is on the top of our list. Hope your day is fun and relaxing!

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday Molly :) I hope hope hope yesterday was super happy for you, relaxing, peaceful, and you knew how awesome you are!!!

Emma and Dan said...

Happy 30th birthday! I'm so glad that you took the day off! Birthdays are the best and turning 30 is a better reason than usual to celebrate.

I hope that your day was just as great as you planned. I can't wait to hear about Christian's new job and if you got to keep the nanny that you love so much. :)

Sally Teeple said...

Yay for October 14th! I forgot to say happy birthday to you because I was so busy celebrating my own birthday! Happy belated one, birthday-mate! :) -Sally