Friday, October 28, 2011

mustache guide

Fu Manchu or Horseshoe. I guess that's technically what was growing on Christian's face. He said that the other night. I just wasn't paying attention.

In honor of my husband's face and all husbands around the world who are forced to shave off their 'staches, I present you with the mustache guides:

Famous Mustaches

 Style Guide


 The 20 Manliest Mustaches and Beards in History
Brigham Young and Santa Claus make the list. As they should. Check it out.

The Trustworthiness of Beards
My favorite guide. Definitely click to see this one bigger. Note that the Horseshoe falls under "Unsavory" which is dangerously close to "Threatening." Although the lone goatee is only one step below that. Really? Good thing he's normally a scruffy full beard, which beats even Santa Claus in trustworthiness Phew.
{source--everything on this page is amusing}