Monday, October 10, 2011

i will have my day

I am no stranger to taking days off of work; I believe paid time off is meant to be USED, not saved. BUT, I have never actually stayed home on my birthday.

This year, I told Christian I wanted the following 3 items for my birthday:

1. Design*Sponge At Home

2. Cuisinart Immersion Blender

3. My actual birthday off of work to hang out with my babies

Luckily for him, I had already ordered #1 using my own money and gift card, I got #2 as a hand-me-down, and I told my boss I'd be taking my birthday off.

Talk about an easy year for Christian!

* Last Friday I ended up staying home to work out babysitting issues.
* Monday Graham was so sick that I stayed home with him.
* Thursday I had to stay home all day to wait for PG&E to do a safety check on our not-working water heater.
* Friday I had to stay home so the water heater repair company could work its magic.

Sure, it was nice to actually be at home those 4 days, but I was frantically trying to do work at the same time... sitting in a chair in the middle of my living room... 3 feet from my TV (which doubles as our computer)... with the keyboard in my lap...

And then Graham would throw a FIT, because he thought that since the TV was on (as my computer), we were going to watch a movie.

Because that makes sense to a 23-month-old. Right?

Then I would give in and open two windows on the computer, side by side--one for his movie, one for a teensy view of my remote connection to my work computer.

Pain. in. the. butt. to work that way. But you do what you gotta do, right?

And then I remembered my day off for my birthday. My wonderful day off when I was going to not look at work all day. When I was going to roll around on the floor with my kids. When I was going to snuggle with Graham on the couch while we watched a movie. When we were going to walk to the park. When we were going to go get frozen yogurt. When I was going to take a nap...

Tell me--Could you do it? During a super busy time at work, could you take your birthday off of work just for fun right after having to take 4 not-so-fun days for things that were out of your control?

Am I the only guilt-ridden person who would see this as a dilemma?

What would you do?


MKV said...

I have plenty to do at work, but I also planned a massage and facial during what I thought would be a "quiet" day at work. Hm...think I'll be able to relax and enjoy, or be just as guilty as you????

LJ, DC and ML said...

ugh. That's an awful situation. It would just depend for me, but since you already took the day off and were working from home the other 4 days I say take it off!

Julie Laughlin said...

take it off. for sure. when you look back at your birthday or when your next birthday comes, you'll remember this one as the time you got to spend with you baby boys and you'll cherish that. you won't cherish sitting at your desk finishing something for someone else. not that work is not important, it's just 2nd priority IMO, in this case. but i'm not judging you no matter what you choose! :)

Ashley said...

You SO deserve the day off, completely enjoying it and NOT working! But I think it comes to do whether or not you'll be able to turn off your worries about work and actually enjoy it. But of course that is easier to do when you are all caught up and know you are not missing anything important! I am no help!

Molly said...

Mara--You paid for that massage and facial. You better relax and enjoy it!!

Lenessa--I think if it were you in this situation, you would probably be a good employee and go to work. But this is me, so I will probably take your advice. Ha!

Julie--Good call.

Ashley--I love your indecisive advice. I think I'll work my butt off for the next 3 days and see how much I get done.

Amy Carter said...

you kinda went crazy on days off in the last week. as long as your boss doesn't mind, what's one more day?!

now get back to work.