Thursday, October 6, 2011

hidden treasure

I'm on PG&E house arrest today. Our water heater stopped working, and our "appointment" is from 8am to 8pm. So until they come, I am stuck inside my house.

So far today I...

...did some work (never-ending Dean's Letters).

...fed the kids (over and over).

...washed the dishes.

...didn't shower (even if I wanted to jump in a cold shower, I can't risk not hearing the door when PG&E comes).

...and decided to rip into my chair.

You all remember my 10-year reupholstery project, right?

I love the woodwork on the couch, but the chair looks a little different. It's missing the wood strip that goes along the bottom and up the arms. Months ago I was looking at the chair and realized the person who attempted to reupholster them before I bought them probably just got lazy and covered up the wood. I was sure of it, but told myself I wasn't allowed to rip into the chair until I was actually ready to start the upholstery project.

Couch detail:


But this morning my curiosity got the best of me.

With the help of some pliers, I ripped into the bottom of the chair.

And what did I find hiding under the fabric?

That same wood trim:

Okay. It's official. I'm asking for upholstery tools for Christmas.

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Ashley said...

Yay! Now get the tools, learn your trade, and start taking orders from your family. First!