Tuesday, October 11, 2011

dreams are made for mixing

I had the most amusing dream last night. I LOVE how aspects of my life are mixed and jumbled in my dreams. And this morning's dream was a pleasant mix of all things light and fluffy in my life right now. The stressful didn't even exist. Here you go...

First I opened the BBQ only to realize that I had accidentally set down my Design*Sponge book on it the night before and the outside was burnt to a crisp. Such a shame, because the cover is delightful. {I look at that book almost daily and last night I cooked tri tip on the grill. I don't cook red meat. It scares me. I was proud of myself. And it was raining. Kind of fun to grill with the rain falling just behind the BBQ. But, no, I don't normally grill books.}

Then I pulled up to the cutest little shop in San Francisco, carefully parallel parked {I pride myself on my backing up and parallel parking skills} and walked into the shop at the same time as Design*Sponge author Grace Bonney {Amy sent me a pic of them together at the SF book signing the other week}, who reminds me of someone who was in my ward my freshman year at BYU. Kerri--You remember people. Who am I thinking of?

The shop was the cutest boutique {very Therapy-esque} and an entire half was a super stylish hair salon! I was there to get my hair cut! {I've been thinking I need a trim lately and I got to hang out with Lindsey on Sunday}. While Design*Sponge Grace and I sat waiting for our hair cuts, we chatted away. I didn't let her know that I knew who she was. {Wouldn't want to make her feel uncomfortable, you know?} But I saw that she was holding her book and told her I had burnt the cover of mine to a crisp in the BBQ the night before. I guess it wasn't anything out of the ordinary to scorch a book on the grill by accident.

Then Meredith sat down next to us! Turns out she had a hair appointment, too. Then I was really excited, because if Meredith recommends the hair stylist, then I would totally trust her. Grace checked out Meredith's hair and agreed with me. {I was thinking about Meredith the other day when I was reading the comments on Hilary's blog.}
Photo stolen without permission from Meredith's Facebook

Suddenly it was my turn! Oh my gosh. I didn't even know what I wanted her to do with my hair! I thought it would be fun if it looked like the girl from the Blog About Love when it's all cute and fluffy, but, alas, I hadn't brought a picture to my appointment. Plus that kind of style takes work, and we all know I don't exactly spend time on my hair. {I started reading this blog last week after a link from Design Mom. Her hair must have made an impression on me.}

Just as I was about to have my hair done, I woke up to Christian's alarm. Boo.

But I had so much fun in that dream that I popped right out of bed ready to start the day. And glad my book wasn't burnt. And realizing I need a hair cut (here I come, Lindsey!). And wishing that shop existed so I could go buy cute stuff.

Can I request a similar dream tomorrow morning? I could sure use the help getting out of bed!


Hilary said...

I love this post! what a great/random dream (aside from the book burning). Just goes to show how much blogs are in our subconscious. I am so hooked into the blogs I follow. lol Happy birthday Molly.

Kerri said...

I don't know who you are thinking of! My talent ends at about the 10 year mark :)

I hear you loud and clear on the entertaining value of dreams and the intermixing of reality and subconscious! It's amazing! Kind of a believer in the "Inception" movie!

Amy Carter said...

that would be nice to wake up to.

my dreams will have actors in them if i watch a tv show right before bed. sofia vergara (modern family) was in my dream last week... so funny. she came to my work to set everyone straight.

ivan said he wished she was in his dream! ha, ha.