Tuesday, October 25, 2011

christian's new job!

Permanent employment. That's music to my ears.

Christian finished at Tesla just over a week ago (they had extended him a extra two weeks). He took the boys and me on a tour to commemorate his last day. This is my future car. Only mine is going to be black.

And a week ago today, he started as a full-time employee of Studio1204!

Studio1204 is a screen printing business owned and operated by Lindsay's parents. Christian is excited to become part of their team and learn more about the ins and outs of their business. (And--let's be frank--who wouldn't be excited to work with the people who raised Lindsay?)

As many of you know, Christian and Josh run Discrepancy Clothing in their spare time. (Spare time? Man. I don't think Christian has seen any of that recently.) Spare time or none, they manage to keep things going. Christian and Josh have spent plenty of time struggling with mastering small-scale screen printing for his clothing company, so walking into Studio1204 was like walking into a candy shop. (Or a churrascaria. Christian's not a huge candy fan.)

He's looking forward to working at a small company again. When he worked at AvaLAN, he was able to learn so much and gain experience in many different areas of business, and he's excited to be back in a similar learning environment!

On to the FAQs!
  1. Is this a full-time job? Yes!
  2. Is this a permanent/fixed position? Yes!
  3. Does this mean you will get to stay home with the boys now? No. There is potential for Christian to grow in the company, but it looks like I will still be working for a long time. It's okay, though. Just knowing what to plan for and not being in limbo has been much easier to deal with than wondering if I'd be able to stay home with the boys any time soon. Am I disappointed that I won't get to stay home any time soon? Of course I am. But I'm not sulk about it. We have a good life!!
  4. Is he going to keep looking for another job that would allow you to stay home? Not yet. We'd like to see what this position has in store for him. He'd like to gain the experience that a small company has to offer. We'd like a break from the job hunt! Do you have any idea how much stress that adds to a marriage? Plus, he's not interested in looking like a job hopper on his resume. Like I said--he'd like to put his energy into this position and see what becomes of it with time.
  5. Did he quit Banana Republic? Nope. He'll be working at Studio1204 during the day and Banana nights and weekends. Lots of commuting. You do what you gotta do to pay the bills, right?
  6. Do you get to keep your babysitter? Yes! Our boys will keep going to Rocio. We are so so so happy about this. My heart melts when Graham blows them kisses as we leave in the evening. Things work out for the best.
  7. Are you guys excited about the new job? Ummm, do you like chocolate chip cookies?? Of course--YES!!
Christian will be commuting to the East Bay then hopping over the bridge for his shifts at Banana. I will be commuting up to Palo Alto (dropping the boys off and picking them up on the way), so we won't see each other much. But that's kind of the story of our lives. We've done it before and we'll do it again.

Ready.... GO!


Jenni said...

Hooray! Although things will be busy, this is exciting. So happy for you guys.

Amy Carter said...

wow, you have covered it so well, i have absolutely no questions! and i always have questions.

congrats on settling into your new routine!

Holley Williamson said...

Congrats Christian! Job hunting is no fun. Sounds crazy busy but excited that you guys will be settled....mmmm settled doesn't quite sound like the right word. But good luck!

Braden and Cheri said...

congratulations! We definitely know how stressful searching and wondering can be. This is wonderful news!

So...you hate the diapers, eh?

Chelle said...

That is such great news! You guys must be thrilled. I agree, being in limbo is hard, so yay for some permanency! And awesome the boys get to keep going to Rocio. Where is she from anyway? You have a great attitude about everything Molly.

webster said...

so happy for you guys!

Mary said...

What wonderful news! I'm so excited for you guys!

Mary said...

What wonderful news! I'm so excited for you guys!

the Rowleys said...

YAY! We are so very happy for you guys!

jena wise said...

you really do have a great attitude about everything. you guys have proven how strong you are through these last couple years - job struggles, 2 kids reallllly close in age, and life's usual struggles on top of all of that.
I'm so happy that he's starting this job. And I can fully relate to wanting to stay home FT with my kids- but I chose to help my husband support the family, as you do, and it's best for everyone involved at the end of the day. Props to you Molly!

Ella said...

Woohoo! This sounds great! I'm happy for you guys! Good luck settling into your new routine. You guys are awesome.

MKV said...

Soooo happy that Christian has found something to make him excited! I hope it turns out well!