Wednesday, September 7, 2011

swim diapers

Behold. Adorable reusable swim diapers.

My frugal friend, Cheri, was sick of buying disposable swim diapers. When she was living in Arizona, her girls pretty much lived in swim suits. And even though Cheri was not a cloth diapering mama at the time, she knew she could not keep spending her money on disposable swim diapers.

Being the jack-of-all-trades that she is, she decided to whip up some reusable swim diapers! (Who does that? Who just whips up cloth diaper designs?) After discovering how well they worked, she even started selling them on Etsy. Lucky us!

So here are my boys in their ADORABLE Cuddle-Me-Mine swim diapers.

And in case you need more convincing than how adorable they are, try this:

1. The have a range of snaps meaning your child can use them for multiple years. Graham and Liam can use the same size on different snap settings.

2. They hold poop in! You know that that's the only point of a swim diaper, right? You know the pee goes right through swim diapers and into the pool, right? If you didn't know that, now you know. Graham pooped once in these cloth swim diapers (while running around on the beach) and we had no idea. Those diapers did their job. No poop leakage. Impressive.

3. A package of swim diapers costs what? $10? And how quickly do you go through that? Buy a couple of these reusable diapers and use them for a few YEARS. That's some serious savings.

4. They are thin and not bulky. They fit well under swim shorts and swim suits. Or, as you can see, they are adorable on their own.

5. You can wash and dry them with your regular laundry. (If your kid poops in one, just swish it around in the toilet to get the poop off first. It doesn't happen often.)

Cheri just started making her own fitted cloth diapers and covers for every day use, and I'm super excited to get some in the mail. I'll let you know how those work, but for now, I highly recommend that you ask for some swim diapers for Christmas... You can get them at The Kitchen Sink Boutique on Etsy. And then you can thank me later for telling you about them. :)


Julia Wade said...

we use reusable swim diapers ourselves as well, but those are CUTE!!!!! :) :) :)

Carbonneau said...

I have cloth swim diapers that I have used in the past, but they leg holes were not big enough for my younger two (cute fat thighs). It was ALWAYS a pain to get them off of them because they didn't snap, they were more like underwear and it is a PAIN to get them off when they are full of poop. THESE that you show, on the other hand, look so convenient to get on and off and adjust sizes and what not. VERY excited to talk my husband into us getting some :) thanks!!

Jeni said...

So cool Molly, thanks for the link.

Also, your back yard looks so fun! Tell me if another duplex in your area opens up again. I have a friend who is seriously looking.

Veronica Cleverly said...

I really want to get some of those swim diapers.

The Mostess said...

You totally lost me at 'swish it around in the toilet.'

Jenni said...

I just wanted to let you know that in preparation for Stella going swimming this summer, I remembered this post and figured I better get her some swim diapers. I just ordered a couple and am excited to try them out this summer. So, here I am thanking you for telling me about them.