Wednesday, August 3, 2011

will this matter in a year?

Lately I have heard multiple mentions of the idea that you should take a step back, look at the worries in your life, and ask, "Will this matter in a year?"

If the answer is no, stop stressing about it.
If the answer is yes, make it a priority.

While our "trial" right now isn't exactly a grave situation (I have a good job; Christian has temp work at a great company; Our kids are healthy and have food in their bellies; We know our boys are well cared for while we work), the fact that Christian doesn't have a full-time, fixed job will absolutely matter in a year.

A key point reiterated time and time again in our religion is the idea that we should use the trials in our lives to learn and grow. Yesterday, Christian and I talked about what we've gained as a result of his job hunt in this difficult job market.

*We have both drawn closer to each other and to our Heavenly Father by praying together.

*We have included our kids in our family prayers. (Graham gives the funniest 3-second-mumble prayers.)

*We have learned how to take disappointment and let it go.

*I have learned to step back and not try to organize/plan everything for Christian.

*Christian has learned to ask for my help.

*We have learned the ins and outs of resumes and cover letters (and, in the process, have been reminded time and time again of the fact that Christian is a great employee).

*Christian has learned what he wants to do in his career. (This is huge. He may not have learned this had he gotten the first job he applied for.)

*We have more empathy for those going through the same thing.

*We have learned to be more economical and distinguish between wants and needs.

*We have learned to be patient.

Yesterday we found out that he was not chosen for a job he would have loved (and they for sure would have loved him). I was in the middle of reading Jordan Ferney's Oh Happy Day blog. The post was a single paragraph. Simple. To the point. I read the first half of the post, was distracted by Christian's incoming email about the job, then returned to read the last half of the post.

These were the words I read, and needed to hear, in that exact moment:

"I’m so grateful for the lessons we learned, mostly that if you are going through a hard time in your life, just put your head down and work. Really good things are just around the corner."

I'm sure looking forward to rounding that corner.

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madichan said...

Oh Molly, I'm so sorry. I know this is such a challenging time for both you and Christian. I don't do prayers, but I am absolutely crossing my fingers and toes and eyes for you.

Ashley said...

What a bummer about the job! I love that quote--it resonates truth. I think it's awesome that you are able to see the positives from your trial even while still in it--I think that's pretty rare.

LJ, DC and ML said...

Love and hugs. I'm also bummed about the internship. We were looking forward to visiting! :)

MKV said...

Know what you mean! You're more positive than me - sometimes I wonder why I have to keep going through challenges...

Dr. aafb said...

My brother in law has been going through a similar situation and I read a friend of mines blog post the other day and thought it was perfect! Check it out.