Wednesday, August 17, 2011

scarecrow sprinkler

We have a scarecrow sprinkler.

It has a motion detector and is set to go off if anything comes near the vegetable garden.

Only it never goes off when its supposed to.

Today I went outside and saw two squirrels run out of our grape vine.

Then I noticed that one of my butternut squash plants had been chewed in half. Curse you, squirrels!

So I decided the sprinkler needed to be moved farther into the open. It is kind of hidden in the corner. Maybe that explains its laziness.

So I turned off the water, gave it a little time (in order to let any leftover water in the hose retreat back toward the spigot), and walked over to the sprinkler.


A 5'6'' person walking toward it had no effect.



Not even the telltale click that it was on. Hmmmm. Maybe the batteries were dead? Maybe Christian turned it off?

I reached down to pull it out of the ground, and...


I got a lovely dose of warm leftover hose water right to the crotch.

Thanks a lot, sprinkler. Thank you for spraying me and letting the squirrels eat my garden. You were totally worth the $25.


Courtney said...

hahahaaa...sorry, but that's too funny. Hope you get it working!

The Mostess said...

Dude! We have a $$$ one that gets the job done. Come borrow it.

If all else fails, you can borrow our small animal trap. Don't think I'm kidding. We totally have one.

Jenni said...

Time to get a pellet gun. You could probably borrow mine from my mom. I've tried to teach her to use it, but she can't really get it down. Of course, if we end up getting squirrels down our way, I'll have to come get it back.