Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Goals of the Day

Drink Water

Remember to pick up Graham's birthday present. (Shhhh. Don't tell Graham.)

Goals of the Week

Eat lots of butternut squash soup and homemade rolls. Mmmmm.

Hang stuff on the walls in my bedroom. I think I'm destined to always have blank walls, because I'm too lazy to go find a hammer and nail.

Goals of the Month

Stretch, stretch, stretch so my body doesn't break before I run the Lake Tahoe Half Marathon.

Decorate for Halloween!! Is it okay to decorate for Halloween in September?

Goals of the Season

Go to a pumpkin patch!

Make zombie cookies for Halloween! (source)

Unofficially run the Turkey Trim 5k (it's an off year, but that doesn't mean I can't go run it anyway).

Goals of the Year

Love my job.

Be super fit by New Years so I can eat candy and cake while everyone else starts their New Year's Resolutions.

What are your goals? Tell me something fun.


Hilary said...

These are great goals Molly! You should try Yin yoga (order a DVD online if you can't make it to a studio) Its so relaxing and you can do a few poses a day or a whole 90 minute set (but who has time for that)...Hope you are well!

Julia Wade said...

It's been so fun to work on a few of these together. One of my goals is to finish most of the photo-ing mid-November, and ENJOY the holidays. Like soak them up, make a big deal out of them, ENJOY every second. And throw my kid a KICK - A birthday party in December.

Erica said...

My long-term goal right now is getting less fat. My current goal is changing my eating habits and choosing healthier options on a daily basis, as well as controlling my portion sizes. Next week my goal is to incorporate some sort of physical activity into my daily life. And also, my goal for the day is to clean the kitchen. :)

Tamra said...

Well, doing well in school is a big goal. And Rob and I are training for a 15-mile trail run in the snow. That's a for fun / for health goal.

Emma and Dan said...

I love those zombie cookies! I got so bummed to see the fall decorations at the mall last week because I LOVE decorating for fall and I usually do it on Sept 1, but this year it's all in storage. I miss my NC house...

I just came up with a fun goal this morning. One of my friends on blogger (Page) is doing "surviving and thriving" while her husband is out of town for 5 weeks. She is working on one craft/project around the house each day that she normally wouldn't have done. I've decided to do the same. Sharing the house with my mom makes me lazy and I need some projects to help me to feel useful. Starting today, I'm going to one extra thing each day to make life better. It might be an organizational thing or something fun.

Emma and Dan said...

Hey, that's Hilary Smoot! We went to Mexico together and lived by each other in King Henry. :)

Molly said...

Emma--I didn't know you knew Hilary! Does that mean you know Meredith, too? I'm pretty sure they went to Mexico together. I grew up with Meredith and met Hilary through her at BYU. How fun!

MKV said...

These are good things to think about. Right now my goal is to survive teething. Then, I need to find the right clothing for Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy for Halloween. Then, sometime before January 28, 2012 I should put the kids' baby scrapbooks together! I'm so looking forward to the week before x-mas when the kids are in daycare and I have the house to myself to bake!!!

Molly said...

Hilary-- Thanks for the advice! I am subscribed to myyogaonline.com but I haven't been utilizing it like I should. Good reminder to do some relaxing yoga in addition to power yoga.

Julia--Make it happen! Be done by November so you can enjoy December!

Erica--I love the term "less fat." You can totally do it. I've been using MyFitnessPal.com (and the app on my phone) to track calories and exercise. Tracking calories is a HUGE pain at first, but makes a big difference since most of us don't have someone standing next to us telling us what we should and shouldn't eat. It's really obvious really quickly what and how much you should be eating. After a while it's second nature and you don't have to track them anymore.

Tamra--Good luck with school! And a 15-mile run in the snow?? That sounds hard. Seriously.

Emma--You should share on your blog what kinds of things you are doing to keep yourself sane! That would be fun to see.

Mara--Cute costume idea!! And good luck with the scrapbooks. I started recording things about Liam and then stopped. I really need to get caught up. Thanks for the reminder!

Holley Williamson said...

love those cookies! My big goal right now is to get out of debt so we can buy a mini van!

Jenni said...

My only goal right now is to have the cutest baby ever!

Molly said...

Holley-- That is a very good goal. You can do it!!

Jenni-- Get 'er done, girl.