Thursday, August 11, 2011

back to running

Dear hip/butt/deep-inside-my-butt/hip:

Stop hurting. Stop it. Stop. It. Now. Stoppit. I am finally (almost) back to running consistent 10-minute miles (thanks to early morning runs with Andrew and Carrie!) and I really don't need a setback right now.

So listen up.

I am running 8 miles tomorrow morning. 8 miles of hills. With lovely ladies I miss and really want to run with. So knock it off.

I'm going to lay on a tennis ball for a little while. Then I'm going to lay on an ice pack. And then you can suck it up and stop hurting.

Understood? Good. Because I don't want to tell you twice.

All my love,



Shannon said...


i love this pep talk/lecture. it was the perfect mix of both. good luck with your run tomorrow. :)

Carrie said...

You are way faster than us! Good luck with your 8 tomorrow!

Molly said...

Shannon--Thanks! The run went well, but it hurt most on the uphills. (At least it confirmed that it's a problem with my glute muscle since I use that on the uphills.)

Carrie--No way, missy. You guys push me to run faster. One of these days I'll be faster than you, but only because you're growing a baby and I'm in "baby recovery". :)

The Mostess said...
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The Mostess said...

It's all about the foam roller, baby! I use that and a tennis ball every single night or my butt turns into a rock. Which means if I burned the fat off, I would have the best badonkadonk around.

Kerri said...

and then there's molly, who unfailingly makes me laugh...