Friday, July 29, 2011

you want me to do WHAT??

Christian has been finding bug bites on his legs. One or two every few days.


We're convinced there's a spider on his side of the bed.


And even though the bites don't resemble bed bugs, we even looked for that.


We changed all the sheets, thoroughly cleaned our room, removed the bed skirt and duvet cover. Found a torn hole in the "cambric" (mesh type stuff that closes off the bottom of the box frame) near the foot of his side of the bed and thoroughly stapled it shut.

I was convinced my stapling job had trapped the spider in the box frame and it would never get out again. I was quite proud of myself.

Then another bite showed up today.


So Christian said he's going to sleep on the couch. Test if these bites are actually coming from in bed or elsewhere.

And then he told me that I should sleep on his side of the bed to see if anything bites me.

Um, excuse me?

What did you say?

Sleep on your side of the bed??

I love you, but there's no way in hell...


Tamra said...

Not saying it's bed bugs, but I know that bed bugs can target just one of the persons in the bed (which is weird to me). So maybe spiders are that way, too. They like Christian and not you.

Kim said...

We totally get mosquitoes sometimes. And they seem to bite Ryan and me and nobody else. . .

Jenni said...

I woke up the other day to find three small blood spots on the backside of my clothes. I assume they were from bug bites while I was sleeping, but I never had any bug bites show up on my back. Bugs - they're so mysterious and sneaky.

Emma and Dan said...

Creepy. We got a few fleas in the house once. We each got a few bites before I figured it out.

A stray dog had walked through our backyard and then the kids played back there a couple hours later. The fleas must have tagged along for the ride inside. Weird, right? We had no other pet contact.

MKV said...

I'd try Borax on your carpets. Sprinkle it on, take a broom and brush it in, then wait 24 hrs, vacuum it up and you might find the bites go away. BTW, it is safe for kids to be on the carpets for the 24 hrs, but if you're going away for a night, I'd do it then.