Friday, July 22, 2011

happy friday

1. You know how some people eat junk food all the time and then complain that they aren't losing weight? Kind of ridiculous. On a completely unrelated note, I'm totally not losing weight. On another totally unrelated note, that brownie I just ate was super good.

2. I want these swim trunks and these mocassins/boat shoes from Du Pareil for my boys. Why, oh why are there such cute kids clothes in Europe? Why are they so much cooler than us?

3. Graham is 21 months today. He can now say bus, truck, ball, bubbles, no (no no no no--usually directed at Liam), go, moo, baa baa, meow, roar, caw caw (for all birds--we have lots of crows at our house), and a few other words I can't remember. In fact, he said turkey once. He may be a late talker, but it's coming.

4. Liam just turned 7 months. He is full on crawling. And can practically push himself up to sitting. And is at the beginning stages of pulling himself up on things. What the what??

5. Christian is 30. He feeds and dresses himself. I'm so proud of him. Actually, he feeds and dresses the rest of us, too.

6. Speaking of Christian--he finally got a Tesla jacket at work. Now he can fit in. There is some SERIOUS Tesla pride going on there. Everyone wears Tesla gear to work. It's pretty funny. (In case you're wondering, Christian's temp position will end August 31st, but we're working hard to land him a fixed position. Keep your fingers crossed.)

7. I want this dress from ModCloth. And a colorful brooch to pin on it. And maybe a bright scarf to wear on my head. Yes. That would be lovely.

8. And maybe these heels from ModCloth...

And these flats from Camper... I fell in love with them in Miami.

And these boots from Camper... Love...

9. And the dress made me think of cute boots. And then I thought of cooler weather. Not that I need cooler weather--it hasn't even been that hot this year. But just the thought of it brings back that familiar longing for Autumn. I guess it's the time of year...


Chris said...

All cute stuff (especially the boys). I also want some flat boots like those this coming season, but I'm not ready for fall yet. Hollister weather at the moment already seems like fall.

amandanbo said...

cooler weather...yeessssss!!! love all of your choices! cute, cute style!!