Friday, July 8, 2011

considering taking the plunge

Wait! Before you read the rest of this post, I want you to tell my what you thought this post was about based on the title. I'd love to hear what you guys think "taking the plunge" might mean to me.

Go ahead. Leave a comment. Take a wild guess.

Did you do it?

Okay. You can keep reading now.

I'm considering getting a smart phone. I've put it off for years. I like having a little phone that fits in my pocket (or more specifically, that fits in my hand while I'm out running). I don't want a big, bulky phone.


I do want a nice pretty week-view calendar on my phone.

(Week Calendar App. I want this. Oh, and 10 points to you if you find what's funny about the sample calendar above.)

I do want an easy way to track my calories until I'm back to my "skinny" weight.

I do want to log my workouts without having to get on the computer.

I do want to easily budget and track expenditures (and be able to share that tracking with Christian) in real time.

I do want to have access to Google Maps since I am forever leaving home without remembering to look up where I'm going. (Case in point: I got off the train the other day and then remembered that I didn't actually know which road to take to get home...)

I do want to easily post pictures to Facebook from my phone.

And I do want to have easy access to my beloved to-do lists. (Although it will be hard for me to let go of handwritten to-do lists on paper. Those are my favorite.)

Back to the don'ts.

I don't want to be checking my email constantly. I'm on the internet all day as it is.

I don't want to be looking at my phone instead of playing with my boys (or whatever other important things are going on in my life).

(LOVE this commercial. I laugh every time.)

I don't want to pay for the "data package" with my cell phone plan.

This may not happen for a while since we're trying to cut back on expenses, not add new ones. So we'll see.

Those of you with smart phones: Which phone do you have? Do you LOVE it? And which apps are "essentials" to your life?


Jared said...

I am, of course, insanely biased, but the iPhone is awesome. I know a number of people who've had both iPhones and Android phones, and they all loved their iPhones and regret getting an Android.

Kim said...

If you're happy with something in the middle get an iPod touch. It has everything you want except that since you can only use it with wifi you can't get real time maps. But everything else is on there--calendars, calorie counting apps, etc. I have one since I'm not ready to spend the $$ on data plans.

Ella said...

In church the other day the Bishop was speaking and told all couples that they should be working towards a common goal. Matt and I looked at each other and quickly decided our common goal would be getting iphones. It's yet to happen because we are in expenditure cut back mode also. And yes, the guy with the calendar will be buying a present for his girlfriend and then meeting with his wife's mom.

I was drawing complete and total blanks by the way as to what the plunge could be so I just kept reading.

Molly said...

Ella wins 10 points!

Courtney said...

I thought you were going to run a marathon...wait, have you run a marathon already??

I feel EXACTLY the same way about getting a smart phone! I like my small phone because it fits everywhere so easily, I like not being glued to it all the time because it doesn't do much, and I love that it was free and has such a cheap plan!!

However, everyone knows the perks to having the internet with you at all times, including maps, which would have been helpful when I had extra time on my meter in downtown Seattle today and wanted to check out the library but couldn't remember what street it was on!! Ok, this is too long, but I just wanted to say that you're not the only one with a "dumb" phone ;)

jena wise said...

I took it literally and thought you wanted to go sky diving.

iPhone iPhone iPhone! Best. Thing. Ever. I love mail, maps, my fitness pal, tune in radio, run keeper, Facebook/twitter, and of course weather, camera, calendar, the Internet at my fingertips, and words/hanging with friends. All are the best while nursing or pumping!

Chris said...

OK. Before I read any further, I decided that "take the plunge" literally meant training at a pool for another triathalon. And (I haven't read any of the other comments yet) the only thing I can see about the calendar is that it is for the month of November and there are dates for beach, tennis, and BBQ. I don't own a smart phone, so no more comments for me.

Chris said...

I just reread the calendar. Couldn't it be a girl's calendar? Then she could easily meet with her girlfriend and her mother-in-law. Steve could be her husband.

Julia Wade said...

Oh I hear you Molly. I struggle with the smart phone addiction ALL day long. Oh I hear you.

Check out Zack Arias's project #de_Vice ... I think you'll appreciate it.

On that note, the iPhone really has streamlined my life in so many ways being able to answer work emails on the go, calendaring my entire personal/work life and being able to do that with Jona as well ... I track my nursings with Q with Baby Connect (LOVE that app) and love the running apps as well (Nike + and RunKeeper).

The thing I love most about it is it's ability to capture anything at any moment. Quin mastered rolling over (his third time) and I had my iPhone there and ready and with an HD video camera capturing it. I was able to upload it immediately to YouTube, share with friends and family, who I love dearly and want to share those things with it. If you go through my Photo Album on my iPhone, literally my life is almost documented on it. Good or bad, that thing is stuck to me like glue and when those moments happen and I want to capture them, I'm there ready to go.

But yes, it is my #de_Vice ... that's a mouthful, huh?

Julia Wade said...

PS, can I totally just say how much I love reading your blog? Love it.

LJ, DC and ML said...

I have a droid and I don't regret it. That said, I've been told that with either an iphone or a droid if you don't want a data plan, you have to pay a monthly fee. What? Pay a fee to not get a data plan? Yes.

Molly said...

Jared--Of course you're biased. ;)

Kim--But then I'd have to carry around a phone and an ipod touch. That sounds terrible. Ha!

Ella--Are you sure that's the kind of goal he was talking about? Too funny.

Courtney--I've run 3. And our phones can be "dumb" together. How's Seattle?

Jena--Wait. I didn't catch that. Do you like the iphone? ;) (Oh, and I've been sky diving. Super fun. Totally recommend it.)

Mom--I had the same thought about the calendar being a girl's calendar, but it's not nearly as funny that way.

Julianne said...

Signing up for a race or buying something technical.

Jenni said...

iPhone. Definitely the best option. Obviously, I'm biased, too, but really, I love my iPhone. And, I was also worried about wasting too much time with games, internet, etc. with it, but as it turns out, I actually don't. It's there when I need it for something and totally convenient when I want to check something without getting on the computer. But, I rarely find myself dinking around on it just because it's there.

Also, the funniest thing I noticed on the calendar was the scheduled birth. What is even more funny is that, if Nadia is that person's child, the rest of the days surrounding this scheduled birth are totally packed. Wouldn't you want to take it easy after your child is born?

Amy Carter said...

to me, taking the plunge is to get married, so i had no idea what your post was going to be about since you're already married.

i got the android and like it just fine. does everything i need it to do. got it cause it was free!

Molly said...

Julia--That's what worries me. I'm afraid I'll be like that! And I love those pictures. It's amazing how oblivious we can be when we're staring at our phones. But being able to take decent pictures whenever is a huge plus in my book.

Lenessa--That is ridiculous!! But it really doesn't surprise me. So dumb.

Julianne--Always a good guess with me. :)

Amy--When did you get the Droid? I thought you had a different phone? We need to talk phones.

Kerri said...

taking the plunge: You were about to jump into a freezing cold lake and were wondering if we would sign up with you.

And my 10 points is that they have a baby's birth scheduled on the date. I know it's possible, but I haven't really accepted that...didn't catch on to ella's observation but that is so much funnier than mine.

i have a nokia something or other which is totally fine with me since i am so not up with the flow on all of this...Steve just got a samsung something or other and loves it.