Friday, July 8, 2011

champion thighs

Rode my bike to work for the second time this week. 15 miles. Loved it. Cut 5 minutes off my ride time from Wednesday.

Although today I'm wearing new pants that are quite snug just in the thighs.

Makes me feel like Champion from The Triplets of Belleville.

Have you see that movie? You should. It's unique and quirky.

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Jared said...

Such a great movie

Shannon said...


i was listening to talk of the nation on KQED yesterday and i thought, "molly would LOVE this as much as me". they interviewed "grammar girl", or Mignon Fogarty, as she talked about her new book and all of the grammar mishaps that happen in our language. sooo interesting. here's the transcript link if you're interested (or bored...whichever):
anyway, she has a BOOK. which i just may have to buy.

and now i want to see this movie you mentioned. did you guys like the fantastic mr. fox? that is another one that is so quirky and just great.

have a fab day :) and enjoy your ride home.

Molly said...

Jared--Yes. Yes, it is.

Shannon--I will have to check it out! I'm sure I will be thoroughly entertained. And I thought Fantastic Mr. Fox was great! Definitely see Triplets of Belleville. It's kind of dark.

Ashley said...

Ha ha! I remember telling my high school track coach (a man) that I didn't want to sprint bc I didn't want big thighs. That did not go over well.