Thursday, June 16, 2011

the problem with future-dated posts

You know what the problem is with future-dated posts? I don't get to see them in their entirety right when I write them.

Take the previous post for instance.

I LOVE these designs. LOVE THEM! Notice that I use exclamation points. But because I future-dated the post to publish while we were flying back from Miami, I never actually saw it before it published.

Now that I see it, I don't think it accurately portrays my point.

Let's try this again...

I LOVE these cute little shirts from Sweetpea and Pie!! (Note the exclamation points...) They make baby bibs, too. Liam has his own Sheriff bib. So next time you see him, you can just call him Deputy.

Here are some of the other shirts. If they don't have the size/color you want, just send them a message letting them know what size/color you're looking for.

Today my favorite is the astronaut on a string... Enjoy!


Amy Carter said...

Aw, thanks Molly! I'll be sending down Liam's new tee with mom today.

Kerri said...

they are really fun :) I checked out the etsy site day of:)

Doesn't your Preview option work well enough? I find that to be pretty many of my future-dated scheduled posts don't actually post, and when I check it out, it has somehow been switched over to Drafts. Lame.

Tamra said...

I sent the etsy link on to my brother, cause he's something of a T-shirt-aholic, and I thought he'd love them. He did, and Sweetpea and Pie even told him that they'd do an adult sized T for him! Cool.