Thursday, June 9, 2011


We are in Miami! I love it.

I'm here for a work conference. And don't be fooled--I really am interested in the conference. If I hadn't been excited about the conference, I wouldn't have come. I have too much of a conscience to waste my department's money. I know. I'm so nice.

Buuuut, since the conference happened to be in Miami Beach, and I happened to be getting a free hotel (on the beach...), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring my boys. So off we went on a plane!

Graham and Liam were A-MA-ZING on the plane. Liam even took an hour and a half nap on the floor between my feet. Graham rode through both airports strapped into his car seat, which was strapped onto rolling carry-on luggage. Seriously--that is the only way to travel. We also realized that the seat was a comforting piece of home for Graham. Whenever we'd let him run around a little, he'd get overwhelmed by all the people and climb back into his seat. So cute.

We've only been here for a day and I am in love. Granted, it helps that our hotel is awesome and right on the beach. Humidity shumidity. I was born for tropical weather.

Too bad I spent 8 hours in underground, windowless, air conditioned conference rooms today. But no matter. The sessions were all interesting and inspiring. And this cold-blooded girl warmed up quickly when I met up with the boys for a little evening beach time.

We came back from the beach only to find droves of people all dressed up and the paparazzi waiting anxiously. Turns out tonight was the grand opening of the hotel's new ELLE spa. Fancy, eh? When we came back down from our room to go to dinner, we just happened to be there at the same time as Gillian Jacobs (Britta from Community). This was certainly a treat, because while I don't get all that excited about famous people, we love Community and Gillian is just plain adorable. Fun! Christian got this shot with his iphone. Back up, paparazzi. There's a new photographer in town.

And, of course, Graham and Liam had to be famous, too. Granted, we were the only paparazzi still taking pictures...

And I'm pretty sure hotel beds were made for jumping and pillow fights...


Hilary said...

So cute. love the paparazzi shots. Glad you're loving Miami!

Shannon said...

I have always wanted to go to Florida. Now I'm even more determined since I know that it is just as fabulous as I always imagined. So glad you are having fun! And I never responded to your question about the blog book. I am using blurb. I know there are a couple out there, but I'm like blurb so far, and have had positive reviews from friends who have used them...the only downside is that it is kind of tedious re-formatting everything to exactly the way I like it. But I don't know if that's the program's or the user's issue :)

LJ, DC and ML said...

Hurray! So cute!!! PS. why does the bed look so tiny? Did they give you guys double twins?

Julia Wade said...

this makes me so happy molly!! hoping you're enjoying every second!!