Sunday, June 12, 2011

life lessons learned in miami

1. Always bring the jogging stroller. I actually sewed my own protective cover in order to take the monstrous double jogger on the plane. I'll show you in another post. We've walked to restaurants, gone running, and taken it down on the beach.

2. Every vacation should be a beach vacation. In a nice hotel. On the beach. (Or at least every other vacation.)

3. Splurge. Get a rental car. Pay for valet parking. Eat a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant overlooking the ocean. Definitely rent beach chairs and umbrellas. A beach vacation is not the time for being cheap.

4. If you lose your water bottle on the first day of the conference, spend the next 3 days asking absolutely everyone you see if they found it. Eventually the audio-visual guys will find it. Never give up.

5. Get a tummy tuck, laser treatment for stretch marks, a boob job, and a tan. Okay, not really. (Okay, yes really.) While I've been a bit self conscious, I'm realizing I still look better than half the people on the beach. And I've seen a few terrible sunburns that make me glad I'm slapping on the sunblock and remaining white.

6. In your next life, be a rich person from Latin America. Do you know how many Brazilians we've met at the hotel??

7. In your next next life, be a rich Indian. There was a wedding here that lasted 3 or 4 days. Oh, the dresses, the celebrations, the music, the dancing. Definitely Indian next time (or next next time--right after being a rich Latin American).

8. I learned some things about my job and about my career goals in general, but those would likely bore you. Moving on...

9. My hair looks stinkin' cute in high humidity.

10. If you're going clubbing in Miami, the dress code is a teeny tiny black dress. Preferably with only one sleeve/strap. Good to know. I will be in my pajamas. Sound asleep.

What a valuable trip. I am so wise now. So very very wise.


Hilary said...

Yay for Miami trips! Glad you had fun. Couldn't agree with you more on the don't go cheap. I remember my mom and I went to Salzburg, Austria once and when we arrived at the "Sound of Music" tour it was 15 euros more than she wanted to spend so we didn't go. I, of course, was too young to have my own money to do it anyway and I always remember thinking, why even go to Austria (or insert other cool vacation destination) if you aren't going to do the things that you fly across the world to do? I mean seriously. I've vowed that if I am going to go I am going to do it right. PB&Js for the park. Beach umbrellas, etc for the beach. Amen.

Julia Wade said...

sounds like such an amazing time ... i totally agree with everything, except that my hair does NOT look great in high humidity, hence why it's in a pony all summer long! so glad you made the trip!

Chris said...

This was fun to read, as I'm excited to hear all. Sounds like you had a great trip. I agree with Hilary. We've done the "cheap" travel (which when you're a starving college student is the way to go), but now... life is short. Spend the money.