Sunday, July 17, 2011

i don't like arugula

Did you know that arugula is spicy?

I didn't. I don't pay enough attention to know things like that.

But I ended up with a lot of arugula in the "salad mix" I planted in my garden.

And I like my salads sweet--fruits, nuts, vinaigrettes.

So what in the world was I to do with all this arugula??

Arugula-walnut pesto!

So yummy.

Graham sat on the counter and helped me. He ran the food processor.

He ate roasted walnuts. He ate roasted garlic. He ate pesto on toast.

He even bit a lemon.



The Carters said...

You're crazy... arugula is the best!

Veronica Cleverly said...

hahahahahaha....that little face with the lemon is priceless!

Dana said...

Can I come over and try some? :) So cute!

MKV said...

He has an amazingly mature hand as he eats the pesto! ;) Looking forward the the day I have two kitchen helpers!

Dianna said...

Sour face! Awesome!

Ashley C. said...

I love arugula! It's my favorite green, especially to grow because it seems to do really well. Arugula pesto is a good use for it though.

Ashley C. said...

ps. grammar girl. you might want to check your title.

Molly said...

Ack! Oh, the shame.

Molly said...

Ian-- No, you're crazy!

V and DeeDee-- Isn't it hilarious?

Dana-- It's yummy. I'll give you some! (if I ever remember...)

Mara-- I had to cut my face out, because my nose wasn't looking too hot from the side. So now it just looks like it's Graham's hand.