Wednesday, June 1, 2011

how my brain works

I swear it's getting worse. This is how my brain runs. All. Day. Long... Read it. It's maddening. This is why I am constantly writing lists.

The monologue in my head...

I need to email the Relief Society Presidency so I can find the missionary dinner calendar.
You know, since I'm on email, I should check in on Eve since her due date is coming up.
Oh, an email from my ESL director.
Instead of reading email, I should really peek in on the boys since I just got home.
I miss them.
I should respond to the ESL email first.
Oh, I wanted to text Christian about something.
But I should respond to the ESL email first.
Oh yeah. Email Eve. Then the ESL email.
I should really go peek in on the boys.
Right after I email Eve.
I think I'll text Christian.
Oh yeah. I wanted to respond to my sisters about our healthy eating goals this week.
But I should probably read my scriptures first.
Wait. Wasn't I going to email someone?
Or should I peek in on the boys first?
Who the heck was I going to email?
I should read scriptures first.
Oh yeah. Eve.
Why did I get online in the first place?
I should respond to my sisters.
Wasn't I going to peek in on the boys?
Oh yeah. I need to email the Relief Society Presidency.
I should save the missionaries' number to my phone before I forget.
I should go check on the boys.
I can't remember why I wanted to text Christian.
Did he text me? Let me check my phone.
Oh yeah. I was in the middle of saving the missionaries' phone number.
I should read scriptures.
Right after I check on the boys.

I'm not even exaggerating. This is my life all day long. Seriously. Make it stop.


whitney said...

haha! wow. how do you get anything done?

LJ, DC and ML said...

That's why I don't feed the missionaries. :)

Julianne said...

I've been doing this all day.

I heard someone once say women think like air traffic controllers.

Anyway, I'm supposed to call someone right now, and then make some cookies, or check on the laundry.

Ashley C. said...

Yup, we're definitely related.

Lindsey Harman said...

Catching up on blogs...YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I do similar things. At least on motivated days. ;)