Tuesday, June 21, 2011

getting nervous

I had this video posted, but it streams automatically and I can't stand that. So if you want to see it, go here. :)

Am I nervous? Absolutely.

Will I be walking my bike up part of the mountain? Most likely.

Do I totally look like all those ripped people in the video? Oh, for sure. ;)


Chris said...

Dad and I just watched this. Now, I'm totally exhausted and my legs are really weak! But the family members hanging out look like they're having lots of fun and we're excited to be joining them. Good luck. We're proud of you guys for even training (sort of) and participating.

Julia Wade said...

I am so dang excited for you, it's ridiculous. I would be SO nervous too but you're going to do it and feel AMAZING afterwards! GO MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MKV said...

Way 2 GO! If it were me, I'd be the lone swimmer, biker, runner...trudging alone a day or two after the first person crossed the line!

The Carters said...

Way to go Molly!! Congratulations. That was the coldest water ever and the absolutely hardest, steepest, most ridiculous run ever. Thanks again for letting me talk you into it. Let's make it a tradition... except maybe the Incline Village Xterra in August when the water is about 10 degrees warmer and the run isn't straight up the side of a mountain.