Sunday, June 26, 2011

XTERRA Tahoe City

Ta da! This is one of two picture I have of the race. This is me in my socks outside our cabin about to go collapse for a nap. COLLAPSE...

Yesterday I did the XTERRA Tahoe City triathlon (short course). I repeat--I did the short course. I'm pretty sure I would have DIED if I had attempted the long course.

This race was my motivation to work out after having Liam--and after having to skip the US Half Marathon "The Other Half" because of post-baby complications (i.e. my misbehaving bladder). It was really fun to train with my brothers and share race stories with them afterward!

So here's the race report for my race-y friends!


Oh. My. Gosh. I was not prepared for this at all. The day before the race I got in the water at Meek's Bay in order to test out the wetsuit and the cold water. (Special thanks to Lindsey for loaning me the wet suit!) Have you ever forced yourself to keep your head in water that gives you a brain freeze? It's painful. Really painful. It took over 10 minutes for my breathing to calm down enough that I could actually swim. The morning of the race, my brothers and I got in the water 10 minutes before the start in order to acclimate. Apparently it didn't help much. My breathing never calmed down from the cold enough for regular swimming. And it was scary. I had to keep my head out of the water the entire time in order to keep from panicking. Not exactly what I had anticipated. Took me forever, but I finished. I may or may not have been the last person...


I was dizzy and couldn't walk straight when I came out of the water. While it was scary, I had my own little support crew of my nieces (and their friend) running circles around me. Actually, I think they may have made me more dizzy. I can remember telling them to back up, because I wasn't walking straight and was worried I'd run over one of them. But once I started heading down the path toward the transition area (a quarter of a mile away), I recovered and felt fine. The best part was when Quincee was running alongside me and said "Wow. This is a long way."


(Proof that I was actually on the course...)

On to the bike! (Thanks, Dyan, for letting me borrow your bike!) This was actually more or less what I had anticipated. The first climb was easier than I had expected. The second climb was harder than I expected, but only because of all the loose rock! Really. Climbing on loose rock sucks! The ride was beautiful. One of these days I'll overcome my fear going downhill. But you should have seen me flying down the rocky fire road at the end. That went against every cautious bone in me. Scary!!!


My mom and my boys were there cheering me on! (Special thanks to my parents for watching my boys!) Oh, and Ian and Tyler had already finished the race by this time. 'Nuf said...


This was EXACTLY what I had expected. Straight up for a mile and a half. Straight down for a mile and a half. (Only I'm convinced it was more than 3 miles.) And I had to pee THE WHOLE TIME. Luckily I've done lots and lots of races that involved running straight up for miles. While it took me a long time, it was kind of like being back in my element. Only in much worse shape... I really need to get back into running shape.

Minus the swim (and falling off my bike a couple times), I definitely enjoyed it. I have never been so excited to come in last. Oh yeah--did I mention I most likely came in last?

Now it's time to really get in shape. I'm excited.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


There seem to be two things I hate emptying at work.

1) My recycling bin.

2) My bladder.

Luckily for everyone in my office, I only let one of them overflow on a regular basis. ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

getting nervous

I had this video posted, but it streams automatically and I can't stand that. So if you want to see it, go here. :)

Am I nervous? Absolutely.

Will I be walking my bike up part of the mountain? Most likely.

Do I totally look like all those ripped people in the video? Oh, for sure. ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011

working men v. working women

I was interviewed as part of a "working LDS women" study being conducted by a local PhD student. The interview was fascinating. I could have talked for an hour and a half straight. Oh wait. I did talk for an hour and a half straight. (Christian says I get it from my mom.)

One of the most interesting things I realized was that when people realize I have two jobs, two kids under two at home, am training for a triathlon (ahem, not training enough), and still somehow manage to do fun stuff here and there, they always ask me, "How in the world do you manage to do all of that?" "How do you do it with 2 small kids at home?"

When is the last time you heard someone ask a man that?

How in the world does he manage to have a full-time career with kids at home?

How in the world did he have time to put up a fence after working all week??

How in the world did he work a 50-hour week, manage his calling at church, go golfing, go to the gym, play with his kids, and manage to study for the GMAT on top of that? He must be superman!

When is the last time you heard anyone say anything like this?

You don't. It's just kind of expected that a man support his family full time and not be stressed out by it.

Today I'd like to give a shout out to all the busy dads out there. The dads who work all week. The dads who stay home with their kids all week. The dads who put in so much time for their families.

People are constantly asking me how I manage to do everything. My answer? Because of Christian.

So next time you see Christian, ask him how he manages working full time, taking care of 2 kids, handling a wife who is running around like a chicken with its head cut off (and dragging him along for the ride), running a shirt business on the side, trying to do fun things in his tiny bit of free time, and, on top of it all--never giving up on what has been a very difficult and frustrating job search.

Thanks for all your hard work, love. Happy Father's Day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

grammar lesson: titled v. entitled

This isn't actually a grammar lesson. It's more of an opinion.

In my opinion...

Titled should always and only refer to how a book/article/movie/etc. is named. What title it has been given. "In 2010, I published a peer-reviewed article titled Red Vines are Far Superior to Twizzlers in Every Way."

Entitled should always and only refer to being given special privileges. "I gave birth to you, therefore I am entitled to eat chocolate behind your back after saying you couldn't have any more."

Unfortunately, entitled can be used in both contexts. This drives me crazy. I wish we could ban the sentence, "I read a book entitled This Word Might Be the End of Me."

You may wonder why this bothers me. You see, I am the person in charge of reviewing (and editing/correcting) 100 different self-praising narratives written by our students' detailing their accomplishments as part of their applications to medical residencies. And all the students publish articles/books/anything-that-sounds-impressive. Half the students use the word titled. Half use entitled. Because both are technically correct, I just have to leave their narratives as is. Ugh. Self restraint is difficult.

Really. This is what keeps me up at night.

{Post edit: I do understand and agree with the morphological reasons for using "entitled" for books and articles. It's just the connotation of "entitled" that makes me want to use it only for designating priviledge.)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

um, happy anniversary??

Our 7-year anniversary is this Saturday.

June 18th.

Do you know what else is this Saturday?

Christian's bike event at Calabazas Bike Park in San Jose from 11am-4pm. Check it out! Have a hot dog. Watch local riders in some friendly competition. In fact, enter to compete yourself if you can pull some sweet tricks. Take your kids for a little bike workshop. Should be fun for all!

Do you know what else is happening this Saturday?

I'm hosting a multi-family garage sale at my house. How exactly, you ask, did I end up with a garage sale scheduled the same day as the bike event? Ask the rain. It's the rain's fault. Either way, I'll be hosting a garage sale at my house from 8am-2pm. And you should TOTALLY stop by and buy our junk awesome stuff!

Do you know what we'll be doing in the evening to celebrate our anniversary?

Ab-so-lute-ly nothing. We'll probably collapse on the floor out of exhaustion after putting the boys to bed.

Happy 7 years, babe!

the problem with future-dated posts

You know what the problem is with future-dated posts? I don't get to see them in their entirety right when I write them.

Take the previous post for instance.

I LOVE these designs. LOVE THEM! Notice that I use exclamation points. But because I future-dated the post to publish while we were flying back from Miami, I never actually saw it before it published.

Now that I see it, I don't think it accurately portrays my point.

Let's try this again...

I LOVE these cute little shirts from Sweetpea and Pie!! (Note the exclamation points...) They make baby bibs, too. Liam has his own Sheriff bib. So next time you see him, you can just call him Deputy.

Here are some of the other shirts. If they don't have the size/color you want, just send them a message letting them know what size/color you're looking for.

Today my favorite is the astronaut on a string... Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweetpea and Pie

Introducing Sweatpea and Pie.

While I should be biased since my brother-in-law drew all the art by hand, no bias is needed for kids' shirts this cute. Check them out. You'll agree.

I love them all, but today my favorite is the sheriff with ice cream in his holsters. You don't mess with ice cream.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

life lessons learned in miami

1. Always bring the jogging stroller. I actually sewed my own protective cover in order to take the monstrous double jogger on the plane. I'll show you in another post. We've walked to restaurants, gone running, and taken it down on the beach.

2. Every vacation should be a beach vacation. In a nice hotel. On the beach. (Or at least every other vacation.)

3. Splurge. Get a rental car. Pay for valet parking. Eat a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant overlooking the ocean. Definitely rent beach chairs and umbrellas. A beach vacation is not the time for being cheap.

4. If you lose your water bottle on the first day of the conference, spend the next 3 days asking absolutely everyone you see if they found it. Eventually the audio-visual guys will find it. Never give up.

5. Get a tummy tuck, laser treatment for stretch marks, a boob job, and a tan. Okay, not really. (Okay, yes really.) While I've been a bit self conscious, I'm realizing I still look better than half the people on the beach. And I've seen a few terrible sunburns that make me glad I'm slapping on the sunblock and remaining white.

6. In your next life, be a rich person from Latin America. Do you know how many Brazilians we've met at the hotel??

7. In your next next life, be a rich Indian. There was a wedding here that lasted 3 or 4 days. Oh, the dresses, the celebrations, the music, the dancing. Definitely Indian next time (or next next time--right after being a rich Latin American).

8. I learned some things about my job and about my career goals in general, but those would likely bore you. Moving on...

9. My hair looks stinkin' cute in high humidity.

10. If you're going clubbing in Miami, the dress code is a teeny tiny black dress. Preferably with only one sleeve/strap. Good to know. I will be in my pajamas. Sound asleep.

What a valuable trip. I am so wise now. So very very wise.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


We are in Miami! I love it.

I'm here for a work conference. And don't be fooled--I really am interested in the conference. If I hadn't been excited about the conference, I wouldn't have come. I have too much of a conscience to waste my department's money. I know. I'm so nice.

Buuuut, since the conference happened to be in Miami Beach, and I happened to be getting a free hotel (on the beach...), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring my boys. So off we went on a plane!

Graham and Liam were A-MA-ZING on the plane. Liam even took an hour and a half nap on the floor between my feet. Graham rode through both airports strapped into his car seat, which was strapped onto rolling carry-on luggage. Seriously--that is the only way to travel. We also realized that the seat was a comforting piece of home for Graham. Whenever we'd let him run around a little, he'd get overwhelmed by all the people and climb back into his seat. So cute.

We've only been here for a day and I am in love. Granted, it helps that our hotel is awesome and right on the beach. Humidity shumidity. I was born for tropical weather.

Too bad I spent 8 hours in underground, windowless, air conditioned conference rooms today. But no matter. The sessions were all interesting and inspiring. And this cold-blooded girl warmed up quickly when I met up with the boys for a little evening beach time.

We came back from the beach only to find droves of people all dressed up and the paparazzi waiting anxiously. Turns out tonight was the grand opening of the hotel's new ELLE spa. Fancy, eh? When we came back down from our room to go to dinner, we just happened to be there at the same time as Gillian Jacobs (Britta from Community). This was certainly a treat, because while I don't get all that excited about famous people, we love Community and Gillian is just plain adorable. Fun! Christian got this shot with his iphone. Back up, paparazzi. There's a new photographer in town.

And, of course, Graham and Liam had to be famous, too. Granted, we were the only paparazzi still taking pictures...

And I'm pretty sure hotel beds were made for jumping and pillow fights...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

how my brain works

I swear it's getting worse. This is how my brain runs. All. Day. Long... Read it. It's maddening. This is why I am constantly writing lists.

The monologue in my head...

I need to email the Relief Society Presidency so I can find the missionary dinner calendar.
You know, since I'm on email, I should check in on Eve since her due date is coming up.
Oh, an email from my ESL director.
Instead of reading email, I should really peek in on the boys since I just got home.
I miss them.
I should respond to the ESL email first.
Oh, I wanted to text Christian about something.
But I should respond to the ESL email first.
Oh yeah. Email Eve. Then the ESL email.
I should really go peek in on the boys.
Right after I email Eve.
I think I'll text Christian.
Oh yeah. I wanted to respond to my sisters about our healthy eating goals this week.
But I should probably read my scriptures first.
Wait. Wasn't I going to email someone?
Or should I peek in on the boys first?
Who the heck was I going to email?
I should read scriptures first.
Oh yeah. Eve.
Why did I get online in the first place?
I should respond to my sisters.
Wasn't I going to peek in on the boys?
Oh yeah. I need to email the Relief Society Presidency.
I should save the missionaries' number to my phone before I forget.
I should go check on the boys.
I can't remember why I wanted to text Christian.
Did he text me? Let me check my phone.
Oh yeah. I was in the middle of saving the missionaries' phone number.
I should read scriptures.
Right after I check on the boys.

I'm not even exaggerating. This is my life all day long. Seriously. Make it stop.