Monday, May 9, 2011

weekend 19:52 - Los Altos Pathways 10k

I signed up for the 10k.

I decided to run the 5k.

I showed up and Maren convinced me to run the 10k. "Molly--I haven't been doing over 4-milers lately either. I'll be running so slow. I'm planning to walk, too."

She left me in the dust a quarter of a mile in...

(Just teasing, Maren. I didn't ever expect to keep up with you guys.)

Oh my, is this race hilly.

The most I had run since having Liam was 3.9 miles--on flat roads with mandatory traffic light rests. I had run the 3.5-mile dish loop once and walked it once. That was as much hill training as I had done.

Even so, I just kept telling myself that if I didn't push myself now, I would be miserable in the triathlon next month. So I (slowly) ran the 10k course. Sure, I may have been one of the last people to cross the finish line (I'm convinced I was the last person--they didn't even take my race bib tag, so I don't have an official finish time) but I did it!

Looks like I have no more excuses for not running long distances and hills.


Dianna said...

Awesome that you did it and finished! If I were there with you, I probably would have been the last one...

Ashley C. said...

I need to start training for something as soon I school ends. Seriously.

mj said...

lindsay kept ME going. and i was seriously 10 minutes ahead of you at the finish line. loved every second, though.