Monday, May 2, 2011

weekend 18:52 - Mormon Helping Hands

This weekend was the Mormon Helping Hands service project. Members of our ward (local congregation) gathered at a park in Sunnyvale and had a great time helping with some landscaping improvements.

We spread mulch, dug holes, and planted rose bushes and trees. The weather was beautiful, the service was fun, and the company was delightful. (I spent most of my time chatting with Lorraine, who told me stories about growing up Eskimo in Alaska and all the fruits and vegetables they used to pick in the wild.)

On Sunday I went for a mountain bike ride at Arastradero and discovered that I'm not very good at going down hairpin turns (specifically to the left). Ouch. Dirt hurts. I have some scrapes and a big bruise to prove it.

Topped the weekend off with a yummy dinner at the Horsleys'. Glad to be in their ward again!

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Dianna said...

That's awesome! Especially getting to talk to someone who grew up Eskimo!