Saturday, May 21, 2011

the ultimate packing list

{Note: We are light packers. I would never pack all this stuff for a trip. It's just a big list you can quickly skim through it to see if you missed anything you meant to pack.}

Came across this packing list today. I didn't write it. I borrowed it (and added one or two things). Thought I'd link to it (here) and share it in case it helps anyone else! Obviously not everyone needs all this stuff, but it's a good way to check what you may have forgotten...

Side note: My favorite thing on the list? Post-it notes to cover up the sensor on automatic toilets. HAHAHAHA!

Things to check 1-2 weeks before you leave:
Resort reservations
airline reservations
ground transportation
ME if you are using that
all your ADRs
car rental (if you are driving once there)
grocery delivery time and arrangements if you are using a grocer service

Essential items you can't get:
prescription drugs that you have to take...make sure you have enough to last the entire trip.
address book for postcards if you are sending them
driver's license
credit cards
traveler's checks
disney dollars
medical ID bracelette if you have a serious allergy or medical condition
note from doctor if you are going to need a wheelchair
spare glasses, contact solution, & glasses repair kit

Important stuff to take just in case:
receipts for all traveler's checks
Credit card 800 numbers in case you lose one
duplicate copies of all travel documents (reservations etc)
photo copies of ALL park passes with their receipts
phone card (you never know)
ID's for your children to carry in case they are lost. Something with your cell phone and resort information (don't forget to take a snap shot of your child every day or write down what they are wearing. You may not remember if you are in a panic looking for them)

First aidish items that cant' hurt to pack:
bug spray
benedryl spray or ointment
benedryl pills
minor cold meds
sun screen
mole skin
burn cream
ear dry (stuff to use when you get out of the pool)
any other medical kind of items you use regularly
hand sanitizer
stinky foot spray or powder
tums, immodium, etc.

light jacket
*for winter travel* take a few sweatshirts and a light jacket. If you are from a cooler area like I am you will probally travel with your coat on...take a spare lighter one. It gets cold sometimes, but not enough for that winter coat us yankees wear.

flip flops
2 pairs of walking shoes
slippers if you use them
one pair of socks for each day + 2-3 spare pairs

PJ's for length of trip
bring at least one dressier or nice owfit for a nice dinner...more if you are planning to go out more than once (don't forget matching shoes)
1 pair of jeans
1-2 pairs of sweats (gets chilly at night)

1 outfit per day + 1-2 extras just in case
*For winter travel* - Layered outfits work best.

Underwear :
1 set of undergarments per day + 1-2 extra just in case

hair products that you normally use to get ready
hair dryer
curling iron
razors, shaving cream
soap, poof or loofa
lotion (body and face)
brush, comb or whatever you use
things to pull your hair back
hat and/or sunglasses
toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouth wash
nail file, clippers and tweezers

Other items:
phone charger
laptop charger
small pair of scissors and a travel sized sewing kit
camera, spare batteries/battery charger
bag you are going to use to lug stuff around
emtpy tote bag inside your luggage for the stuff you buy
trash bags, dollar store laundry bag or pop-up have to put the stinky clothes somewhere!
baggies for your liquids (shampoo etc)
head phones and CD's
portable DVD players and movies
books and other entertainment (games) for the plane ride or a relaxing night
Bathing suit(s), cover-up and beach towels!
Cell phone and charger
plastic cups, bowel and cutlery
cork screw for you winos
massager for sore bodies
booklight for you readers
post -it notes to cover the automatic potty sensor
child sized hangers
spray starch
bath toys
clothes pins to hang wet bathing suits on clothes line in tub
power strip / multi plug : plug lots of things in 1 outlet
over the door shoe holder: clear plastic type to hold toiletries & misc.

Baby List
Diaper Cream
Body Lotion
Baby Bath
Swim Diapers
Bathing suits
Min of 2 outfits per day
PJs (1 for each day)
Min of 2 pairs of socks per day
Sheet for crib/playpen
Formula (if applicable)
Bottles or Sippy Cups
Disposable Table Toppers
Baby Food (if applicable)
Baby Snacks
Utensils (fork, spoon and plastic bowls)
Baby Toys (something musical, few books, special stuffed animal)
Hand Sanitizer
Infant Tylenol or Motrin...just in case
Jacket or sweater for evening

Toddler list
toddler (
Min of 2 outfits per day
Min of 2 pairs of socks per day
2 pairs of shoes
Underwear (min 1 per day, plus extras)
Bathing Suits
Books to read
Activity Books (writing, coloring)
Hand Held video game (Leapster, V-Smile, etc)
Hand Sanitizer
Jacket/sweatshirt for evening
Children's Tylenol or Motrin
Dress-up stuff to wear


Chris said...

cool list, stuff listed that we've had to purchase on trip because we didn't think to pack it. On the other hand, I'm exhausted just reading it, let alone assembling the items. Glad we don't have kids at home to pack for anymore (one of the perks of aging)

The Mostess said...

Apparently I'm a light packer. I would never ever take this much junk anywhere!

LJ, DC and ML said...

Hmmm, was this a packing list for moving day?! :)

Ashley C. said...

Tooooooo much stuff!

Molly said...

Ha! You guys are hilarious. I would NEVER pack all this stuff for a trip. Just saying that you can use it as a starting point to see if you missed anything you actually wanted to take. I went through the list this weekend saying "don't need that, don't need that, don't need that, oh! forgot to pack that!"