Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As I've mentioned, I'm signed up to do the XTERRA Tahoe City Sprint Distance Triathlon in 6 weeks.

I like to blame my brothers for convincing me to sign up with them, but really I'm excited for it. Do I think I'll be ready for it come June 25th? Not in the least. But I'm excited.

However, the weather has not really been cooperating up at Lake Tahoe. T minus 6 weeks and this is what the webcams are showing:

Webcam of the water near where we'll swim (do you see the snow on the dock?):

View from up on the mountain. Um, how are we supposed to ride on trails that are still covered with snow?

Dear Mother Nature: It's time to crank up the heat. And fast.


Kerri said...

OOOOH. that makes me shiver!

Ashley C. said...

Wait, you're supposed to swim in Lake Tahoe?! That water never warms up, especially not in 6 weeks!

Ashley C. said...

Hey, Patrick and I want to train for a triathlon when schools done. Any good ones at at the end of summer/beginning of fall?

Molly said...

Ashley--Let's do this one at Ehrman's Mansion on August 14th! It's actually shorter than a sprint distance (500m swim, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run). Or we could do the international distance, but it's over twice as long.

You swim right there at the dock, ride on highway 89, and run on the bike path! Sounds gorgeous.


Ashley C. said...